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Your Big Question About IRA Distributions and Social Security Benefits

Q: Is the income I receive from my IRA distribution included in the calculation that determines how much of my social security benefits will be taxed? A: Generally, yes. If the IRA distribution you receive is taxable, like with a traditional IRA, and not a return of your previous non-deductible contributions, it will be included […]

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Here are the Stats: Why You Should Start Retirement Planning Today

According to the 2014 Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking, conducted by the Federal Reserve, American’s are very ill-prepared for retirement. A whopping 38% of the more than 5,800 respondents answered that they had no intention of retiring, or planned to work for as long as possible. 31% of non-retirees had no retirement savings or […]

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The Right Way to Take Your IRA Withdrawals

What most workers are thinking about before retirement is what’s happening now, in their day-to-day lives. What some of those working towards retirement don’t think about often enough is after retirement. The process, the questions, the uncertainty. But Donna Rosato at Time (found on Twitter at @RosatoDonna) has written about that very topic in a […]

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