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Estate Planning Trend

Baby boomers are switching up the way they are planning their estate and how they are dealing out the inheritance from their estate. In the past trusts were liquidated and distributed to children when they were 18, 21 or even 25. But that was the past. Those currently setting up their estate or figuring out […]

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Social Security Has Its Issues

It is 2014 and things are good. Unless you are talking about social security. Today we are going to hit on some recent numbers that were given by the Social Security Trustees. These Social Security Trustess release every year a report about the long-term outlook for these programs. What came from this report? The following […]

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How Is Your Confidence To Provide A Comfortable Living Throughout Retirement?

So much in the finance and retirement world has changed since the 2008 recession. What has this change done for workers feelings and confidence in their ability to have enough money for a comfortable life while in retirement? Here are some great findings according to the 2014 Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) that answers that exact […]

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