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Don’t be like the Majority Of us, Start Today and Plan for your Retirement

Plan For Your Retirement Today

As would typically be imagined, finances are one of the biggest concerns that we have throughout life. Wondering about everyday bills and how they will be paid can be nerve-racking. We often time worry so much about today that we forget to think of tomorrow or even next week. It is important to stay current with our financial situation but it is also important to look ahead at where we want and need to be financially.

The biggest example of looking ahead and planning for our financial future is with our retirement. We should take a moment to think about our financial future in regards to our retirement plans. Are we currently on track to have the retirement we want and need to have?

When you actually start thinking about these questions It can be overwhelming to try and figure this all out. You may not know where to start or how to figure out what your goals should be. If you want to start planning for your retirement on your own then check out our retirement guide. If you’d rather not do it alone then you should contact a retirement financial adviser. Meeting with a qualified professional retirement adviser can make a huge difference as they can help bring clarity to your retirement picture.

According to a recent poll conducted for the indexed annuity leadership council surveyed 3,017 adults 605 that were retirees and 1,664 who are employed.

Of those employed 45% plan to retire before age 67; 18% plan to retire at 67; 21% plan to work until 70.

What are some of the reasons mentioned as to why they will stay working in retirement? 56% of employed adults say they will have to keep working for financial reasons; 45% simply want to stay active; 34% enjoy working; 32% want to get more benefits.

Maybe one of the most shocking results is that over half of those who were polled say they have never spoken to a financial adviser.

Yikes, what a bad statistic. It tells me that we simply aren’t planning well enough for retirement. It is a huge stage in our lives and if we simply enter that stage without any planning we are bound to have things go wrong, especially with our nest egg. It is highly unlikely that any of us will have enough of a retirement nest egg to last us our whole retirement if we don’t save and plan for our retirement. Talking to a retirement professional is just one of the steps to helping secure a retirement that you can actually live on and feel secure in.

While there are plenty of other things you can do to help take more control of your retirement more than anything we want to instill in you the need to plan for your retirement. We want retirement to be a great thing for each of us and the more you plan the more likely you will arrive at retirement ready for whatever comes your way during retirement.