Invest Easier With An IRA LLC

Those of you thinking about setting up a self-directed IRA or even those who already have a self-directed IRA there is a way to take your self-directed IRA and improve it for faster investing and any bills that need to be paid from the account. All of this can be done without having to wait for your custodian to take your lead and direct your investments and bills the way you have instructed your custodian to do so.

So how can this be done? This can be done with an IRA LLC. An IRA LLC is also commonly referred to as a self-directed IRA with checkbook control. What is an IRA LLC? Simply it is an IRA that owns an LLC and the LLC is what purchases the investments.

How does this work more specifically and how would you go about taking your current IRA account and assets to have it work with an IRA LLC? The following diagram shows the steps of how an IRA LLC works and how you go about setting it up and investing.
This diagram hopefully spells out a little clearer how things work but I wanted to go through some of the steps to make sure you get the idea and if you have any other questions about IRA LLC’s please contact us at any time.

The following are the steps explained a little deeper:

  1. Make sure you work with us (Accuplan and AET) to set up and handle your self-directed IRA.
  2. Create the LLC. Accuplan will set up the LLC along with a special operating agreement. You can operate as the Manger.
  3. Transfer IRA to the the custodian (AET). Accuplan helps you do this.
  4. Setup a checking account at a local bank
  5. Direct custodian to transfer money to LLC in the form of purchasing membership units in the LLC.
  6. Direct investments from the LLC.

Through this IRA LLC you are allowed to invest without having to go back and forth with the custodian. Let us help you setup an IRA LLC now. Contact us for help or any further questions.