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The Debit Card Solution For Self Directed IRA Investors

self directed ira debit card services

What Is It

accuPAYZ is a prepaid debit card designed exclusively for self directed IRA investors. The purpose of the card is to allow self directed IRA investors to pay for bills and expenses related to assets held in their self directed IRA accounts.

Why You Need It

The benefit of the card is that the self directed IRA investor can have quick access to their self directed IRA funds to pay bills and expenses in a quick and simple manner.

Expenses Covered

self directed ira debit card services

The accuPAYZ card can be used for expenses related to assets held in your self directed IRA account.

Examples of valid expenses are:

  • Property taxes
  • Insurance
  • HOA Fees
  • Contractor fees (lawn, landscape, construction, plumbing, etc.)

How it Works

  1. Login via your IRA Advisor Website

  2. APPLY
  3. Click on the Debit Card link
    • Agree to the terms
    • Fill in your information
    • Submit

  5. Your card will be mailed in 1-2weeks.


What types of expenses CANNOT be paid with the card?
- Personal fees or expenses
- Fees or expenses to related parties
- Acquisition of an asset for your IRA or 401k

When in doubt, don’t use the card. Call or email before using.

What are the time limits to report expenses?
You have 60 days to report on any open balances held on your card. Any balances not accounted for may be coded as a distribution.

What happens to unreported expenses?
We will disburse these funds as an IRA distribution. In many cases there may be penalties and taxes associated with the distribution.

Does this card appear on my credit report?
No, this is a prepaid debit card which is funded through actual cash held in your account.

Is there a limit to how much can be loaded onto a card?
Funds can be loaded to the card in the amount needed with a minimum of $100 up to the lessor of: 1) 50% of your available cash balance, or 2) $10,000.

How do I order a card?
You can order a card by logging into your account and clicking on the “Debit Card” link. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions. This will then redirect you to a MasterCard site. On this site you will supply your personal information for having the card issued.

How do I account for expenses?
You will need to submit your receipts, invoices, or other supporting expense documentation to us via our online expense reporting feature. This can be found by logging into your account and clicking on "Prepaid Card" link. You will be able to enter the amount, and attach a copy of the expense document.

Can I directly add more money the card?
No, only American Estate & Trust can load funds to your Debit Card.

Can I make purchases over the internet with my card?
Yes, once your card is loaded with funds, you can use the card just like you would any other card.

Can I get a secondary card?
No, secondary cards are not available.

Can I transfer money from my Debit Card to my bank account?
No, this is not allowed.

How do I get help with the card?
Upon receipt of your card, you will be given support websites and phone numbers.

How long does it take to load the card with funds?
Cards will generally be funded in one to two business days.

Fee Schedule

  • Initial application fee: $50 (one time fee)
  • Annual fee: $35 (charged annually on card anniversary month)
  • Transaction fees:
    • $15 for each load
    • $15 for each report
  • Return of Funds: 4% of amount, or a minimum of $10 for return of unused balances, plus a $25 fee for moving and re-posting the funds to your account.
  • Expedited Load: $1001
    These fees can be deducted from your account or you can pay them directly.

1. Expedited loads will be same day for requests received by 12 PM, pacific standard time, or by 10 AM, next day, pacific standard time.

We pride ourselves in one on one lifetime service.

Let us know how can we help you today?

We pride ourselves in one on one lifetime service.

Let us know how can we help you today?

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