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Make Retirement Investing Exciting

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Make Retirement Investing Exciting

For many retirement investing can be quite boring. It seems like there aren't very many options out there besides stocks and bonds. Of course there are different ways to invest in these stocks and bonds like, ETF's or mutual funds. While investing in stocks and bonds may be fun for some of us, for many of us it doesn't quite strike any of our excitement factors. Investing doesn't have to be boring. Why not invest in things that aren't boring to you and that you enjoy and know? Sadly, many of you don't invest in things you know or enjoy because you either didn't know you can invest in things you want to or because the investment firm you currently are at doesn't allow it for other investments.

The truth is, you can invest your retirement in things other than stocks and bonds. You can invest in things like gold, real estate and private placements. How is this possible? You can invest your retirement accounts into non-traditional investments through a self directed IRA. A self directed IRA on paper is the same thing a regular IRA except that your custodian (investment firms like Fidelity and Schwab) allows you to invest in the non-traditional assets. The issue with self directed IRAs is that most custodians (investment firms) don't allow them. Why would they not allow a self directed IRA? Because they typically like to push their own investments that make them more money. These types of investments generally consist of stocks, bonds ,mutual funds and the like. What that means for you is not allowing you to invest in the non-traditional investments through a self directed IRA.

What you need to do is work with a custodian that allows for those types of investments, like AET. AET specializes in self directed IRAs and allows you to invest some or all of your retirement monies into non-traditional investments. Accuplan Benefits Services works directly with AET as your account administrator. We are your direct contact for all of your account information and for anything you need.

What can you invest in? We allow you to invest in just about anything you want as long as the investment follows the IRS rules and regulations for IRAs and 401ks. We help you to know what those rules are so that you can invest confidently that the investments you make are well within the rules the IRS has made.

The most popular investments inside of a self directed IRA are real estate, gold and other precious metals and . You choose the investments and we help you get everything set up to make your investments. Again we are here to help you know all the rules and issues with any investments but the best part is you choose the investment.

Bring back some excitement into your retirement investing by investing your way through a self directed IRA. If that scares you too much then why not start small with only investing a small portion of your retirement monies into something like gold? You can invest as much as you want but try it out because it is exciting and it is a great way to truly diversify your retirement accounts. Getting out of the stock market and into some hard assets is a smart strategy for diversifying your retirement. If you need more information about self directed IRAs and what they can do feel free to contact us. Putting excitement back into your retirement is as easy as investing through a self directed IRA.


Retirement Account Options Available To Self Employed

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Self Employed Retirement Options

What is a 401k? Many people think that a 401k is only available to those who work at large companies that offer this sort of option but realistically a 401k is available to those who are even self employed. A 401k for those who are self employed is often called a solo 401k. At Accuplan we help business owners get set up with a 401k that has the ability to invest in things other than the stock market, like real estate and gold. This is called a self directed 401k. Let's dive deeper into some of what a solo 401k and self directed 401k are so that you can be informed to make the best choices for your retirement.

A self directed 401k is the same thing as any other 401k. The only difference is that they allow you to invest in non-traditional assets like real estate, gold and private placements, Again, a self directed 401k is just like any other 401k and you can even have a solo 401k as a self directed 401k.

A solo 401k as I mentioned earlier allows self employed business owners the ability to stash money away into a 401k. Who is a qualified individual for a 401k? Those who are self employed or an independent contractor that only employs themselves or their spouse but there cannot be any other employees.

What other things are there to be aware of with a solo 401k? You can contribute as much as $17,500 as salary deferral to a solo 401k, just like a regular 401k. Also, like a regular 401k where employers match contributions, you can match contributions because you are the employer. The max contribution to your 401k account cannot exceed $52,000 during the year and that includes the employer and employee match. Also, the employer match can only be 25% of the salary the employee made. What you count as your salary differs depending on if your business is an LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp. If you are curious about your specific situation you can contact us for help or contact your tax attorney.

It is time to start stashing money away for your retirement so that you can have that retirement you always dreamed of. A great way to get there is through this self directed solo k option that I mentioned. If you would like help setting up a self directed 401k as a solo k contact us for help.


What Are Your Financial Fears?

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Financial Fears

Halloween has come and gone but many of our fears that are magnified during Halloween are here to stay. Whether that be scary movies, spiders, ghosts, zombies and the list of our fears goes on and on. Every year we make sure that we play off of our many fears as we celebrate Halloween. Heck, we even go to haunted houses to subject ourselves to our fears. Ultimately we spend a lot of time at least once a year during Halloween, focusing on our fears. While this is fun there is one fear that we don't focus nearly enough on and this particular fear is one that we don't focus on nearly enough so that this fear can become a strength.

What fear am I talking about? The fear that when we reach retirement we'll have enough money to last us through our whole retirement. This fear is a very real fear for thousands, if not millions of people. In fact, according to Country Financial Security Index this fear is the biggest financial fear that we have. More than one in four have this fear.

What are some of our other financial fears according to this report? 18% of those surveyed fear not being able to afford healthcare. This fear increases with age as 42% those who were 65 or older fear healthcare costs.

Some of the lesser worried about financial fears are:

  • Credit card debt
  • Financial data security
  • Keeping a roof over head
  • Losing a job

These are some serious fears! Sadly many of these fears we don't have control over. It is time to start taking control over our fears just as we take control of our fears of zombies, ghosts as we get older. Our financial fears need to be taken control of. The best way to start taking control of our fears is to start planning today for your finances. By starting to plan today you can be less fearful of tomorrow and in turn release the fears that you have of your finances.

You may never get over the fear of being able to fully fund your retirement but you can be confident that you have done everything you can to provide for the best retirement possible.

If you need help planning for your retirement check out our retirement guide and remember you can start to loosen the bands that these financial fears have on you by planning for them and confronting them.