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Wednesday, December 31st, 2014


Investing in Billboards & Cell Towers

Cell towers and billboards are a great investment for your self-directed IRA because

1)      It’s easy for a first-time investor.

2)      More than one company can be paying rent to your IRA each month.

3)      Rent is paid by a company so the income is more reliable and timely then other investments.

4)      Cell towers are constantly being erected because the demand for their service is so high.

5)      The renter, not the self-directed IRA, is responsible for any additional costs, like permits, maintenance, operating costs, etc.

The Process is Simple!

1) Set-up a self-directed IRA with our 2 minute online application.

2) Complete the one-page Transfer Request form to transfer funds from another custodian (like Fidelity or Schwab), or send in a check with a Contribution Form.

3) Complete the contracts and documents listing the self-directed IRA as the purchaser.

a. The self-directed IRA can be the sole purchaser or it can purchase a fraction of the investment. The other portion can be funded by personal funds, a loan, an investor, etc.42-15534708

4) We, as the IRA custodian, sign the real estate paperwork on behalf of the self-directed IRA and send the money as the account holder’s instructs.

5) Congratulations! The IRA is now self-directed, invested and ready to receive tax-deferred income!

What expenses are involved?

These type of investments typically do not have additional expenses (like repairs) so there is usually only the self-directed IRA account fee.    Our fee is a flat rate!  We do not charge asset percentages, per asset transaction fees, or quarterly maintenance fees for assets in the account, like other custodians.  Here is a complete list of our fees.

How does the self-directed IRA make money?

TAX DEFERRED, that’s how!

Rent and profits from the sale are deposited back into the self-directed IRA – tax deferred!

How much rent is going to be charged each month?  How much profit is the investment going to make?  Are you seeing that type of return when investing in the stock market?

Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

Great!  Take a couple of minutes to complete the one-page IRA Application and Transfer Request form.

Happy investing!


I hope so!  I would love to hear from you!

Jaclyn Grella

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Easy Investment – Cell Towers and Billboards

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Did you know your Self-Directed IRA can invest in Cell Towers & Billboards

Cell towers are a great investment for your self-directed IRA because

1)      It’s easy for a first-time investor.

2)      More than one company can be paying rent to your IRA each month.

3)      Rent is paid by a company so the income is more reliable and timely than other investments.

4)      Cell towers are constantly being erected because the demand for their service is so high.

5)      The renter, not the self-directed IRA, is responsible for any additional costs, like permits, maintenance, operating costs, etc.

6)      Once a tenant is secured, they typically stay as long as possible.

To educate our readers on not only cell towers, but billboards as well, we interviewed Michael Bloxton who has been in the industry for over 10 years.  Click the link at the bottom of this article to read the full interview.

cell tower & billboards

Tell us a little about your company (how long you have been in business, areas of expertise, etc).

Mark Roscioli and I have been in the cellular finance industry for over 10 years each. We have participated in millions of dollars in transactions and own several pieces of real estate because of these cellular leases. In total there are only a handful of people who even understand what we do and even fewer who have created the type of success we have.

What products and services do you provide?

We provide property owners that have existing cellular leases the ability to take a significant cash payment for the rights to their cellular lease or more often than not, we give them an offer for both the property and the cellular lease that is better than the market.

Tell us some stats about you or your company (closed deals, average close time, negotiation experience/stats, how many sales/purchases made within the last year, etc.).

  • In the industry 10+ years each
  • Closed nearly $100M in transactions
  • Timelines
    • We buy situations – getting from intro to option signed can take 1-6 months on average
    • From option signed to funding roughly takes 45-90 days
    • We’ve held positions from Sales, VP of National Finance Group and Director at several of the large, Wall Street funded financiers

Are there reviews about you and/or your company online?

You can find info on a deal we did in the New Jersey Herald. We purchased Skylands Ballpark. Google “Skylands Ballpark NJ Herald” and you should see it.

How is your company different from others?

We focus on real estate investing leveraging the cellular assets. Anyone else in this space focuses almost exclusively on the cellular lease without any interest in the underlying real estate.

Are you and/or your company on any social media sites that offer continuing education?

Currently, we offer an information product on exactly how to do what we do at for the “Do It Yourself” readers. For licensed real estate agents we have a program at

What is your business philosophy or mission?

We believe that there is always an opportunity for those willing to work toward it. We use this as a way to work with clients, investors, vendors, and partners.


Tell us about your service area.  Are there any “hot” or “popular” investment areas right now?

Being that the USA has a well-developed cellular network, we find that deals can happen anywhere from coast to coast. With that said, New York City and Los Angeles County have been “worked” quite rigorously and while deals can be still found there competition might be fierce.

What are the benefits of investing in a cell tower or billboard?

Unlike most real estate investments, cell towers are true “NET” leases on top of being infrastructure assets. NET meaning the tenant takes care of absolutely everything including most of the difference in property taxes increased due to the asset and they even up their rent per negotiated escalations without a reminder. By infrastructure, we are implying that this asset, due to its core revenue generation to the parent company, is less likely to be affected in any market-related reaction. In many ways, it has more value and better ROI than the stock of the company itself.

What is the average cost for a billboard and/or cell tower investment?

The average cost of a cell tower is between $200,000 and $300,000. Billboards vary widely.

Does my self-directed IRA purchase the land, or just the cell tower and/or billboard?

This depends on the deal but most often you are purchasing shares/units in the ownership entity that owns the rights and/or an “easement” underneath of the leased area on the property. The easement essentially gives you real estate ownership rights without actually owning the real estate.

What is the average potential return on my self-directed IRAs investment in a cell tower or billboard?

Again, this depends on the deal but it is safe to assume that a single site can earn an average IRR of 5-8% over several decades. If you are investing in a pool of assets that are to be executed in the secondary market than 10-15% in 2-3 years can be expected. Our offering is closer to that of a Real Estate backed annuity with principle protection, think “income for life”.

Should I have an exit strategy when making this type of investment?

These leases have less than a 1% cancellation rate nationally. You should know whether this asset is part of a pool of assets or it is a single investment for the long term as mentioned above. With that said, we build exit opportunities into our transactions.

Is there a type of cell tower and/or billboard you prefer or recommend when making this type of investment?

Getting a deal at the right price can make the variations in the type of site worthy of investing. With that said, knowing the credibility of the Lessee’s company, the relationship between the tenants on a single property and the economics all come into every purchase decision.

Is there a type of lease that you prefer or recommend when making an investment in a cell tower or billboard?

Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are some of the best tenants you could ask for with a solid record for low cancellation. Multi-tenanted towers also make for one of the best long-term investments.


Is my self-directed IRA responsible for any maintenance, annual charges, etc.?

At this time there are no participation fees once a deal is funded outside of monthly management which is taken directly from the cellular revenues, not you.

What if the tower or billboard isn’t working or need repair?  Is my self-directed IRA responsible for fixing it?

Not only are you not responsible for fixing cellular towers in need of repair but you’re not allowed to per the lease. This is often the same for Billboards but again, Billboards vary widely.

Is it true this investment allows me to have more than one company pay my self-directed IRA?

The standard scenario will be no when investing into the entity that holds the real estate or easement, or a pool of assets. In the case you’re IRA is purchasing the easement directly then yes, if the asset you are investing in has multiple tenants then yes, it is true. However, it is also true that multiple companies might be on a single check if one company sells to another such as MetroPCS selling to T-Mobile.

Who pays rent to my self-directed IRA when investing in a billboard or cell tower?

Typically the entity in which holds the real estate or easement will be paying the rent checks to your self-directed IRA.


How do you determine a good location for a billboard or cell tower investment?

Due to the well-established infrastructure already present in the USA cellular network a cell tower investment is good if the numbers make sense. To reiterate, we are specifically investing in existing cellular leases on properties and since the USA is very well built out it is unlikely to get a carrier to build a new tower.

Am I responsible for finding advertisers and tenants for the billboard or cell tower?

No. The existing cell tower or billboard already has a negotiated lease backing your purchase.

What role do you play before the cell tower or billboard is purchased?

We are looking for partners and investors for the many deals we come across. We participate in every deal by managing, purchasing, or brokering the investment or a combination thereof. Therefore, we are highly active in the initial evaluation ongoing management and future value of every single deal that comes across our desk.

What role do you play after the cell tower or billboard is purchased?

Typically we are managing the payment, negotiations and the execution of the asset once initially purchased. We handle all communications regarding the cellular asset to ensure high satisfaction for all parties involved which includes their needed access, upgrades etc.

What kind of information do you provide to the area or financials of the investment, prior to committing to the purchase?

Depending on the purchase structure we will provide was is normally expected in any real estate transaction such as financials, lease agreements, and other standard due diligence items.

Can I buy a piece of land and get you to put a billboard or cell tower on it?

No. The USA market is full and nearly at capacity. Getting a carrier to spend half a million dollars on a tower just because you have the property is not likely. They have an army of people who decide exactly where their antenna needs to be and at this point, there aren’t too many holes in their network.


Michael Bloxton

[email protected]


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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014



This is an amazing time to open a self-directed IRA account!  A self-directed IRA is not invested in the stock market, but in other non-traditional (or alternative investments).  Real estate and precious metals are a couple of the more popular investments.  Predication for 2015 are showing  a good forecast for real estate and price drops in gold so this is the perfect time to set-up a self-directed IRA so you are ready to STRIKE WHEN THE PRICE IS RIGHT!


Simply complete a two-minute online application to set-up a self-directed IRA.

You can transfer money from your current custodian (custodian = where your account is currently held, like Fidelity or Schwab).

Plus, there is still time to make a contribution. Our deadline for 2014’s contribution is April 1, 2015 so you still have time.   Simply write “2014” or “2015” in the CONTRIBUTION YEAR box so we know which year to (2)

It’s a good idea to max out your contribution each year, just ask your CPA!  The IRS did not increase the contribution limits for 2015; therefore, you are able to contribute $5,500 for either 24 or2015. If you are lucky enough to be 50 years or old, you can contribute an additional $1,000 per year that you meet this age requirement.


Another great reason to contribute!

You may be eligible for a tax credit when making contributions to your Self-Directed IRA.   The IRS increased the income limits for 2015 so more people are eligible.  This saver’s credit can increase your refund or reduce the tax you owe and it can be applied to contributions for 2014 and 2015.

If you are 18 or old, not a full-time student and not claimed as a dependent on someone’s tax return, you may qualify.

Here is an example of how it can work:

Example: Jill, who works at a retail store, is married and earned $30,000 in 2014. Jill’s husband was unemployed in 2014 and didn’t have any earnings. Jill contributed $1,000 to her IRA in 2013. After deducting her IRA contribution, the adjusted gross income shown on her joint return is $29,000. Jill may claim a 50% credit, $500, for her $1,000 IRA contribution.

Click here to see if you qualify for the SAVE TWICE WITH SAVER’S CREDIT


Great!  I would love to hear from you!

Jaclyn M. Grella

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Signs Are Pointing to 2015 as a Good Time for Real Estate Investing

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Merry Christmas 2015

Accuplan Benefits Services hopes that everyone's day is wonderful and that the end of 2014 is a great one for you. A lot has happened this past year at Accuplan and we feel blessed to be in the situation we are in. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

For those of you who want a little more content to read over your holiday break I thought it would be great to explain why investing in real estate looks very attractive for 2015. Also, remember that you can invest in real estate with a self-directed IRA which is commonly refereed to as a real estate IRA. Investing with a real estate IRA changes some of the rules to investing in real estate but below are the general rules for anyone looking to invest in real estate and why 2015 looks to be an attractive year for real estate investing.

Credit Loosening

For many of the past years there has been very cautions lending due to the financial crises in 2008. Now lenders are starting to relax the credit and underwriting requirements. A bigpush in this direction camer earlier this month from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac new guidelines took affect. Now more lenders are starting to lift many of these credit and underwriting requirements. Because of this there will be more buyers that are able to purchase and if you have every had an issue with credit it may be possible for you to now qualify.

Rates Still In A Great Range

We thought 2014 was going to bring 5% mortgage rates but the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage didn't even top 4%. 

This stayed low because of a slew of economic factors. With that said, there is a is a bigger chance that they could rise in 2015 but there is never a guarantee. That being said, investing while the rates are still great can really make a difference to what you your total contributions for purchasing that investment property.

Lower Down Payments

Fannie and Freddie just recently agreed to get behind loans with just 3% down! You take the lower down payment plus the lower credit standards and more than likely more first time buyers will be entering the market. Not everything comes perfect though and you'll need make sure there are no other costs associated to the 3% down that will make your monthly payments

Home Prices 

As of late home prices are cooling off and as housing price growth has slowed. There are some areas that still haven't slowed completely but overall there has been a slow down. 2014 saw a 5% increase but the outlook for 2015 is just 3%. 

All things considered the timing is looking right for a real estate investment in 2015. If are wanting to invest in real estate with your IRA then 2015 just might be the perfect time for you. Regardless, getting the tax benefits that come with retirement accounts is a great way to invest. 
For more information about real estate IRA investing or other retirement account investments please contact us. 


Put More Meaning Into Your Life And Investing

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Put More Meaning In Your Finances

As the days pass I sometime wonder what I am doing with my life. I begin to think about if I am living my life to my fullest. Am I truly living or am I just being? Am I doing enough of the things that I want to do? Am I making a difference? Am I working on my masterpiece? These are questions and thoughts that many of us go through from time to time. Sometimes when I think of these questions I begin to doubt that I am truly doing what I should be doing with my life. Regardless of how I answer these questions I do think these questions are very valid and great to think about.

Along with these questions I begin to think about my finances and if I am on the right track with my finances. I think about my salary, my savings, investing and even my spending. What do I need to do differently today to make sure that my salary, savings, investing or spending are back on track or continue on track? As with my first questions about making a difference or doing something special with my life I like to try to mix that sentiment with my finances.

As I try to mix these two questions and sentiments it begins to bring out questions like, "How can I invest in more of the things I want to invest in?" or, "How can I spend my money on what matters and less on what doesn't?" and finally, "How does my job make me feel and does the salary mean everything?".

I would pose these same questions to you. Especially the questions about investing. Are you truly investing how you want to invest? Are you involved with your investing at all? Are you even investing? If you are saying no to these questions you should make a difference to your investing in 2015. First, if you aren't investing then start in 2015. Second, if you are investing then maybe investing in something you want to invest in. You will realize there are different types of companies, themes or ideas that you want to invest in that you currently aren't. Maybe you'll want to invest in some real tangible assets that you don't currently have like gold or other precious metal. Maybe you've been thinking about a rental property for a while and 2015 just might be a great time to invest in that rental property.

There are plenty of different things you can do to make your investing more meaningful to you and the easiest way to do that is through self-directed investing. Self-directed investing is done through retirement accounts such as an IRA or 401k. You are able to invest in just about whatever you want through a self-directed IRA or self-directed 401k. Accuplan Benefits Services is here to help you get more out of your investing.

Tis the season to bring lasting meaing and happiness to your finances and all aspects of your life. Make 2015 the most meaningful year yet, or at least the most meaningful year in a long while.