Introducing AccuPAYZ IRA Debit Card by Accuplan Benefits Services!

Minimalistic ReportWhat is AccuPAYZ? It’s a prepaid debit card that Accuplan directly links to your self-directed IRA, so that you’re able to make purchases, pay bills and other expenses related to assets held in your SD IRA accounts, very easily and very quickly. Think of it as Checkbook Control’s younger, and a little bit cooler sibling. Enrolling in AccuPAYZ is easy, and only takes a few minutes.

Why would you need AccuPAYZ, you say? The way that credit and debit cards revolutionized spending habits from checkbooks and cash, is the same way that AccuPAYZ will change the way you utilize the money in your self-directed IRA accounts. Don’t get us wrong, we love checkbook control, but AccuPAYZ is undeniably convenient.

For more information, see the infographic below!

Minimalistic Report (3)

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