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A Great Time For A Gold IRA

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Gold IRAs

With the use of a self directed IRA you are able to diversify your retirement portfolio. There are so many different investments opportunities that you can do through a self directed IRA. Really the only thing that holds you back from investing within a self directed IRA besides some of the rules is your imagination. There are however certain investments that are much more popular than others.

A few of the most popular types of investments in self directed IRA are real estate and gold. The traditional investments in IRAs and 401ks are stocks and bonds. What happens when the stocks and bonds you invested in value goes down to $0? Your investment is worth nothing and you have nothing to show for it but a paper asset.

So what are the benefits to having gold or real estate in your self directed IRA? You are actually owning or investing in a real tangible item. If you invest in gold with your self directed IRA you actually own gold. If the value of gold goes to $0 you still own the gold. If the value of the real estate you invested in goes to $0 you still own that real estate. That is one of the big reasons people invest with a self directed IRA. They don't like stocks and bonds and want something that they feel more comfortable investing in. Typically, gold and real estate is also a safer investment than stocks.

Now is a solid time to invest in gold or other precious metals with your IRA. When investing in gold with your IRA it is typically referred to as a gold IRA or a gold backed IRA. This is a very solid time to buy gold, silver and other approved metals. Gold is lower than the SMA for the past 14 and past 200 days and at the lowest price it has been in the last month. All while silver is lower than the SMA for the past 14 and 200 days as well. If you are looking for some more long term reasons as to why a gold ira is a great addition to your retirement account then please check out our article, Gold IRA Investing.

Another great thing about self directed accounts is that you have control them. You get to decide your investments and you have control of your account. No more worrying about what your account is invested in because you become the investor. Taking control of your retirement can be a great way to improve your retirement.

At Accuplan Benefits Serivces we can help you get started with a self directed IRA and invest in the things you want like a gold IRA. Contact us for more information on how investing in a self directed IRA and gold IRA can be beneficial to you. If you are ready to set up an account and want to start investing within a self directed IRA then set up a self directed IRA account now.


Benefits of a Gold-Backed IRA

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Gold Backed IRA

Investing in physical gold and silver inside of a Self Directed IRA is a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio.  Most IRA brokerage companies allow you to invest in ETF (paper that says you own gold) but few IRA custodians allow you to invest in the physical metals.  Many people have concerns about ETF’s. Does the ETF actually have the metals stored that they are selling through their ETF? It is a valid concern and points to why many people choose a gold-backed IRA.

I found an interesting video by Glenn Beck in which he talks about his concerns that the US government has been tampering with metals it is storing for other various countries. While this video is interesting I cannot speak to the validity of his claims. When choosing to have a gold backed IRA through Accuplan Benefits Services you can be assured that when you buy physical gold and silver through your gold IRA all of the metals are physical bought and stored on your behalf at a vault at Brinks. It is also verified and insured by Brinks.

Below are some of the benefits of a gold-backed IRA (owning gold and silver in your IRA):

  • Gold and silver have tremendous upside pricing potential, due to inflation risks, with little downside risk.
  • Gold and silver are both an inflation and a deflation hedge.
  • Gold and silver are highly liquid, it can be either exchanged directly for other property or cashed in easily.
  • Gold and silver are universally recognized as money everywhere in the world, there are no exchange rate issues.
  • Physical gold and silver holdings are not subject to IRS reporting or taxes (with some exceptions in an IRA).
  • Gold and silver is a great way to diversify in a balanced investment portfolio.
  • Gold is highly portable – $100,000 of gold coins weighs only 6.25 pounds (at $1,000 per ounce).
  • Gold is easy to store.
  • Gold and silver, unlike paper money, cannot be devalued by government action and any government intervention in gold markets would soon lose its effect.
  • Gold and silver held in a private or secret stash is highly secure and protected from government.

Feel free to call, email or chat below if you are interested in learning more about gold-backed IRA and silver backed IRA.

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Is a Gold Backed IRA Right for You?

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Gold Backed IRA

An IRA is a great retirement account for anyone looking to grow their retirement nest egg over the span of your career. It makes saving even more advantageous because of the tax advantages that come with an IRA.

There are different types of IRAs including: Traditional, Roth, SEP, and Simple accounts. Each one of these accounts allows you to invest in the same types of investments. If you have a self directed IRA your investment options are broader. You have the option of a gold backed IRA, other precious metals IRA, real estate IRA and can even invest in other businesses.

When investing for your retirement plan you may be worried about the types of investments that are in your IRA. You could possibly be worried about inflation or even the stock market. Investing in something a little more stable and less risky is probably something you should do.

What about a gold IRA? Gold has proven to be the perfect hedge against inflation. It is also a great way to hold a real asset in your IRA rather than just a paper asset. Wether you buy gold or any other type of metal your precious metals IRA will have actual metal in your IRA. If the cost of the metal goes down you still have the same amount of metal in your IRA it is just worth less. Nor is the value of gold, silver or other precious metals to likely be valued at $0. It is possible though for the stocks you purchased to be worth $0 if the investment goes bad or company goes under. This sort of stability is exactly what some people are looking for in their IRA. Maybe you don't want all of your IRA invested in gold but would like a portion, that is totally fine. In fact, it is very wise because you are diversifying your portfolio.

Do you still have questions about a gold backed IRA? Let's dive into some of the more commonly asked questions in regards to gold backed IRAs.

What is a Gold Backed IRA?
It is merely a self directed IRA that follows IRS rules and regulations that allows you to hold physical gold in your retirement plan. Thus, giving you the peace of mind that your retirement is invested in something less risky than many of the alternatives.

Can I Invest in Any Type of Gold or Precious Metal with my IRA?
There are restrictions as to what types of precious metals can be in an IRA. To find out more about the actual types of metals that are allowed check Gold IRA FAQ

Can I Have Other Types of Investments in my Gold Backed IRA?
Yes, in your self directed IRA you can have other types of investments. Whether they be gold IRA, real estate IRA or something different. More than one type of investment in your self directed IRA is allowed.

If I Want to Transfer or Rollover My Current Plan Do I Have to Transfer/Rollover my Whole Amount?
No you do not. As I have mentioned before this is a great option as it allows you to diversify your account.

What are the Penalties/Taxes That I have To Pay When Transferring My IRA?
There are none when you transfer from a traditional IRA to a gold IRA.

I Would Like to Physically Hold the Gold, Is That Ok?
No! You cannot take physical possession of your gold. You must store the gold at an insured IRS approved depository in your name until you reach 59 1/2 years of age. You then can take the physical possession of the gold without penalties. If you do before you will be taxed.

One great thing about a gold backed IRA is that it is very easy to set up.  To learn more about how to set one up and the associated fees read Setting up a Gold Backed IRA

You may have more questions about gold backed IRAs and feel free to ask them below or contact us at Accuplan Benefits Services.


What We See For Self Directed IRAs in 2013

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

No one has a crystal ball and no one is 100% accurate in trying to predict the US economy. However, as wrong as people may be at a detailed level, its not too hard to see larger, more macro trends with some good level of predictability and accuracy. As such, we are seeing 2013 as a less than stellar year. Its not our desire to be a permabear and naysayer. We want to see the US grow and prosper as much or more than anyone. But, we have to look at the facts, figures, and trends and call them as we see them. What follows is our current view of how the economy is going to play out in 2013 and how these trends will likely impact your investment decisions with your self directed IRA.

What are the key drivers for our less than optimistic outlook for 2013

  • The two political parties (democrats and republicans) will continue to operate in a total dysfunctional manner.
  • The Fed will continue to print, debase, and artificially drive down interest rates
  • The government will continue to tax and spend
  • The president believes in taking from productive citizens and disincentivizing commerce and capitalism
  • The government and many Americans believe that the government actually is a creator or wealth and prosperity and therefore a positive driver in the economy

1. Government dysfunction

The two political parties see themselves as fundamentally different. However, the facts don’t support that perspective. We are now at a point where both parties are agreeing to increase taxes on Americans, despite the fact that the government has seen record revenues over the last years, and despite the fact that government spending is up over 70% over the last 10-15 years. yet, they claim they need more money, and both parties are agreeing. Yet, no one seems to be able to address the elephant in the room which is too much government and too much spending. The push is towards more government in  our lives, more rules and this ultimately leads to more spending (a/k/a more deficits).

At the end of the day the two parties are all about keeping their jobs, and not making any sacrifices. This just goes to prove how little difference there actually is in the two parties. the end result is not addressing our debts and deficits.

2. The Fed has committed to more printing until attitudes improve

The Fed just announced that it would continue providing fiscal stimulus for the foreseeable future. It has even increased its $40B per month treasury purchased to $80B per month. They have also announced that they will maintain low interest rates for the next 1-2 years.

The issue that we see is that this is extremely inflationary. First of all, the printing (purchases in the market), just continues to push more and more cash into the money supply. The cash in the system is at all time historically high levels. At some point, these excess funds will find their way back into the consumer’s hands. This will result in a lot of dollars chasing too few goods, which puts upward pressure on prices. We already have seen inflation rates in excess of 6% (our real number versus the governments artificially low number).

If we continue to see all of these excess dollars circulating in conjunction with very low interest rates, you are likely to compound the inflationary risk. the Feds only tools for tamping this down is to increase interest rates to really high levels. That only impacts the lending process and home prices. They still have the challenge of gracefully calling back all of these dollars.

The bottom line is that we see significant inflation risks, which will have the effect of pushing up costs, prices for goods, services, and homes.

3. The Government will continue to tax and spend

The government debt is at all time, historic highs. The government is committed to be at 25-27% of GDP – all time high versus historical levels of 20%. One in every six Americans is on some sort of government financial assistance. 47M Americans are using food stamp – up from 25M just 4 years ago (refer to the chart below courtesy of


Its clear that the government will continue to need more tax revenue which can only come from the producers in our economy. With more and more people on government assistance, the pool of tax payers continues to shrink. This places and enormous burden on the producers which at some point, which we believe we have reached, the government burdens dampen economic growth, and further act as a disincentive for producers to produce more and for those on government assistance to get off of the assistance. Its a double negative and the net result is reduced, slow or negative GDP and growth.

To further support the point, the President and Congress has just agreed to extract $1.4 trillion in tax revenue form Americans. We are already at $16T in debt and are now projected to hit $20T+ over the next few years.  Nowhere in the process did the powers that be drill down on any real spending cuts. The moral of the story is that bigger government is here to stay, and this monster needs more of our money for support and re-distribution to others.

Self Directed IRA Recommendations

Real Estate – We still advocate that real estate is  a good bet for 2013.

  • Real estate is a hard, tangible asset.
  • Its tough for the federal government to manipulate the real estate market
  • Even in bad times, people still need a place to live.
  • Government intervention will likely result in price inflation
  • Government intervention will likely continue to push people to be renters vs. owners

Given these factors, we see direct ownership of rental real estate to be positive. We also see great opportunities in private lending through deeds of trusts.

Precious Metals

We continue to be bullish on metals in 2013. We advocate holding physical metals in your self directed IRA. We recommend silver eagles and gold eagles. The market has not necessarily been kind to metals of late. Many are still calling for the fall in metals prices, but they ignore the fundamentals. the price of gold and especially silver, is still not in correct ratio to historic ratios when you look at the overall costs of key items such as oil and real estate. Secondly, the naysayers continue to discount and ignore the inflationary impacts of the government and Fed actions.

Given these drivers and conditions we are still recommending holding metals in your account in proper proportion to your specific situation and needs.

Private placement offering

This asset class is somewhat broad, but we need to address it. Certain specific industries can be interesting. In general, there are big movements towards crowd funding and the funding of small businesses. This is a hot area right now, but you need to use caution and perform due diligence and allocate funds in a direct proportion to your risk level. There are a number of private offerings that deal with real estate which can be interesting and can be good investments. However, the devil is in the detail of what the partners do and how they do it.

Oil and gas offerings are still attractive. Energy prices may fluctuate a bit, but the overall macro trend is towards higher energy costs. This makes the profitability of a venture more likely. Here again, due diligence is very key when looking to invest your self directed IRA.


We see great opportunities in 2013 for self directed IRA investors. We believe that most people should strongly consider allocation a portion of their portfolio to a self directed IRA so as to move away from the influences of the government and Wall Street, plus take advantage of some of the return opportunities that will present themselves.

Self Directed IRA Fundings Top $464 Million

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

We wanted to take a moment and provide some insight o what is happening with our self directed IRA account activity. As of November 2012 we have funded more than $464M in self directed IRA deals. Below is a graph that give you a good idea of what the activity level looks like.

The significance of this is that we continue to see a steady stream of people coming in from more traditional retirement accounts invested in stocks and bonds, and moving into more hard assets investments such as real estate, precious metals and deeds of trust.

It is our opinion that this trend will not reverse itself for a generation of two. Investors have made a fundamental shift in how they view the traditional markets that we refer to as Wall Street. Investors continue to look for hard assets, investments that they understand, and most importantly investments that are out of the direct control or manipulation of the Wall Street types.

So, for those of you who are still sitting on the sidelines regarding setting up your self directed IRA, then let the numbers help you. There is no better time than now to be setting up your self directed IRA.