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The Real Self-Directed IRA Pros and Cons

Monday, June 5th, 2017

Self-directed IRA’s are quickly moving to the forefront of retirement options for working (and in some cases non-working) adults. In an economy where many businesses are cutting back on matching 401Ks for employees, workers can take matters into their own hands with a self-directed IRA account.

A Self-Directed IRA

Self-directed IRAs are Independent Retirement Accounts (IRA), that offer direct control to account owners with investment selection. Unlike other retirement plans where IRA’s offer limited investment options, an SDIRA allows owners the opportunity to choose and manage their own investments. Through this type of IRA, there are rarely limits on the type of investment choices that can be made. Most SDIRA account holders invest their finances into real estate, precious metals, and private placements.

The Benefits

Obviously one of the best benefits of an SDIRA is that you have the power over investments being made. Traditionally, younger and employed account holders take risks with their IRAs and invest in larger or uncertain items. While older adults closer to retirement invest their money in more stable markets to ensure a large amount is left when retirement comes. Regardless of the matter the age bracket or the status the account holders may be in. The choice is theirs on how to invest and potentially grow their retirement funds through a self-directed IRA.

Another benefit to investing retirement money into an SDIRA is that there are often excellent tax advantages for account owners. Through better tax advantages as well as investment options, account holders can work to secure future retirement funds more effectively than other retirement options such.

Lastly, if a self-directed IRA is set up similar to an LLC, the proprietor of the account can have the benefit of checkbook control. Instead of having investment choices discussed with a custodian, account owners can manage the entire account and its corresponding decisions without restriction.

The Disadvantages

As with any investment retirement account, there can be disadvantages. With a self-directed IRA, one of the detriments is the same as its benefit. The ability to have complete control of investment opportunities. Many account owners lack the in-depth knowledge needed to responsibly invest their retirement money. For an example, say an account proprietor has no knowledge of the real estate market. It may be wise to not invest into that market with a self-directed IRA. However, this can be easily rectified by account owners doing research and becoming knowledgeable about potential markets before the investment process.

Another disadvantage can be that there are several codes, rules, and regulations that accompany a self-directed IRA. Without becoming educated, comprehending and adhering to these rules, it can cause problems for retirement accounts.

Self-Directed IRAs

Self-directed IRA’s are quickly moving to the forefront of retirement options for people across America. It is through this type of IRA account that investment decisions can be made by account holders. There are several benefits to this type of retirement alternative and with proper research. It can be a wonderful asset to a financially successful retirement plan.

Who Does Checkbook Control Work Best For?

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

cb control 4

As we all know, a self-directed IRA gives you freedom to break free from the confines of Wall Street. It allows you to invest in what you wish to make investment decisions that make sense for you, and what you want, like real estate, or a chicken farm, or in the latest technology. No matter what, it’s up to you.
Adding a tool like checkbook control to your IRA account will only give you more independence. Without authorization hassles, bureaucratic interference, or prohibitive guidelines, it’s your no-string-attached answer.
But who exactly would checkbook control work best for? We’ve got answers!

The Real Estate Mogul

If you’re in real estate in anyway, you know the costs of owning property. There’s sometimes just more than what meets the eye, and property ownership is very unpredictable, which is partly why a lot of people invest in real estate I think. Where checkbook control comes into play is right along side of that unpredictability. If something does go wrong, and needs to get fixed straight away, or taxes need to be paid, it’s easy to get it taken care of with checkbook control. Just sign the check, and it’s done. No calling your IRA holder, no waiting on hold.

The Investor

Money needs to move fast in the world of investing. The fastest way to get your money where you want it, if you’re investing through your IRA, is with checkbook control. Period. Back in the day, it used to be that you had “a guy”, a guy that would take your money, and invest it for you, however they saw fit. Which lead to a lot of abuse of funds, misleading, and over-promises. With checkbook control, you’ve completely cut out the middle-man altogether, and you’re now taking charge.


Honestly, what this all comes down to is that if you’re serious about growing your IRA, and you’re serious about taking control, then your answer just might be checkbook control.

If you have more questions about a self-directed IRA, checkbook control, or any of the services that Accuplan offers, feel free to get in touch with us today! Our contact information is listed below.

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Author: Tanya

New to Self-Directed IRAs? Here’s a Breakdown {infographic}

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

sdira breakdown

Self-directed IRAs are what we do best at Accuplan. They’re perfect for the investor that wants absolute control of their retirement funds, and know exactly what they want, and how they envision their future. But if you’re just starting out, say you’ve been funding your retirement accounts for the last 20 years or so, and you’ve grown a healthy amount, and now you’re ready to invest. There’s a lot of information about IRA LLCs, or self-directed IRAs, or investing in gold, so where do you start? It’s best to start with HOW things work

Click the infographic to enlarge.

Self-Diected IRA Infographic

Author: Tanya

Real Estate Update – Housing and The Self Directed IRA

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

The recent housing starts for October 2012 shows a 3.6% improvement. The south and midwest regions of the country are showing the most robustness. The chart below shows the historical housing starts numbers.

Chart: Housing Starts

What we see if that the bottom has been formed with clear support. Starting in Jan 2012 we see the uptrend pattern forming. With the favorable numbers shown in October 2012, we are not seeing a pattern or trend that causing a break in the upward trend line.

Multi Unit Starts

The numbers also show that we are seeing upward trends in multi unit properties. The demand continues to be there to support the starts on such properties.

What these numbers mean for self directed IRA

As we have noted in previous updates, we believe a bottom has been formed in the real estate market. Prices appreciation is still tamped down. Demand continues to be strong for rentals and multi unit rentals. The economic recovery continues to be soft and delicate. However, barring a new major meltdown, which is possible, investment properties are ripe for picking up at low prices. We continue to support hard assets in your retirement portfolio. We still believe that real estate investing is good for those self directed IRA investors that do their homework on the right investment properties.

Why Gold Went Up Now With The Feds QE3 – What This Means For Self Directed IRAs

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

This past week the Fed announced that it would engaged in a continuous stimulus program from now through 2015 due to the continued weak and anemic labor market. The Fed committed to a monthly outlay of $40B to purchase mortgage backed securities. the theory here being that this will help stimulate housing and subsequently the labor market.

We’ve been hearing and talking about QE3 all summer. Despite the fact that we all knew and understood that QE3 was coming, gold moved sideways in the $1500 to $1600 territory, for weeks. Now, just before QE3 is announced, gold spikes up past $1700 and into the $1750 range.

What’s going on here?

Not to be one to engage in conspiracy theories, buts its almost as if there is insider information being passed around. We’ve known for weeks there would be some sort of Fed action. We did not have any really significant economic news, yet, gold is up suddenly.

Its our theory that there are insiders that do get a glimpse as to what is coming. More specifically, such inside information clearly bodes well for metals.

Self Directed IRA Actions

Metals have definitely shown the next new bull leg. QE is here to stay. The government has not fixed one single problem in our country. The American electorate can’t clearly see that their current president has not delivered, yet the think that they may still want to vote for him despite his inability to deliver tangible results. Based upon this the risk is on. We see nothing positive coming from the government and maybe not the presidential election. Dr. Ben is printing like mad. the dollar will continue to be debased and lose value. Inflation will continue to creep into our lives.

We still have a buy and hold action for gold and silver in your self directed IRA. We recommend holding physical gold and silver for the ultimate hedge and protection with your self directed IRA.