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FAQ on UBIT–Unrelated Business Income Tax and IRAs

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

There’s a lot of misconception when it comes to UBIT, and that’s because it can sound daunting and scary when taxes are involved. Understandably. But there’s no reason to fret, it’s really not as scary as it sounds.

One reason that it might be confusing is that when we think of self-directed IRAs, we think of them being tax-deferred or tax-free. When you make an investment, and that investment makes money, it goes back into your IRA without having to pay taxes on it. So when we’re told that some unexpected tax event has occurred, it can feel like you’ve done something wrong but don’t worry, we got you covered.

Q: Do I have to file for Unrelated Business Income Tax?

A: Probably. Anybody who has made investments that are considered unrelated business activity—like an LLC—and contains debt financing within the tax-advantaged qualifies for UBIT.

Q: Is UBIT considered a prohibited transaction by the IRS?

A: In short, no. It is not illegal nor is it considered a prohibited transaction within retirement accounts. But keep in mind that some transactions that make a UBIT event occur may also have prohibited transaction issues.

Q: When do I have to pay it?

A: Just as with all taxes, April 15th of the following year. So any taxes your IRA qualified for in 2017 is paid next April 15th 2018, paid via IRS Form 990-T.

Q: Does it still apply if I have a Roth IRA?

A: It does, yes. Regardless of the fact that Roth IRAs grows tax-free, and aren’t taxed at retirement, UBIT rules still apply to some investments that are held within the Roth account.

Q: Is it possible to keep any retirement account from paying UBIT?

A: Yes actually, a solo 401K account is not subject to this tax when invested in real estate, but is subject to UBIT when invested in an LLC.


Real Estate Update – Housing and The Self Directed IRA

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

The recent housing starts for October 2012 shows a 3.6% improvement. The south and midwest regions of the country are showing the most robustness. The chart below shows the historical housing starts numbers.

Chart: Housing Starts

What we see if that the bottom has been formed with clear support. Starting in Jan 2012 we see the uptrend pattern forming. With the favorable numbers shown in October 2012, we are not seeing a pattern or trend that causing a break in the upward trend line.

Multi Unit Starts

The numbers also show that we are seeing upward trends in multi unit properties. The demand continues to be there to support the starts on such properties.

What these numbers mean for self directed IRA

As we have noted in previous updates, we believe a bottom has been formed in the real estate market. Prices appreciation is still tamped down. Demand continues to be strong for rentals and multi unit rentals. The economic recovery continues to be soft and delicate. However, barring a new major meltdown, which is possible, investment properties are ripe for picking up at low prices. We continue to support hard assets in your retirement portfolio. We still believe that real estate investing is good for those self directed IRA investors that do their homework on the right investment properties.

Why Gold Went Up Now With The Feds QE3 – What This Means For Self Directed IRAs

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

This past week the Fed announced that it would engaged in a continuous stimulus program from now through 2015 due to the continued weak and anemic labor market. The Fed committed to a monthly outlay of $40B to purchase mortgage backed securities. the theory here being that this will help stimulate housing and subsequently the labor market.

We’ve been hearing and talking about QE3 all summer. Despite the fact that we all knew and understood that QE3 was coming, gold moved sideways in the $1500 to $1600 territory, for weeks. Now, just before QE3 is announced, gold spikes up past $1700 and into the $1750 range.

What’s going on here?

Not to be one to engage in conspiracy theories, buts its almost as if there is insider information being passed around. We’ve known for weeks there would be some sort of Fed action. We did not have any really significant economic news, yet, gold is up suddenly.

Its our theory that there are insiders that do get a glimpse as to what is coming. More specifically, such inside information clearly bodes well for metals.

Self Directed IRA Actions

Metals have definitely shown the next new bull leg. QE is here to stay. The government has not fixed one single problem in our country. The American electorate can’t clearly see that their current president has not delivered, yet the think that they may still want to vote for him despite his inability to deliver tangible results. Based upon this the risk is on. We see nothing positive coming from the government and maybe not the presidential election. Dr. Ben is printing like mad. the dollar will continue to be debased and lose value. Inflation will continue to creep into our lives.

We still have a buy and hold action for gold and silver in your self directed IRA. We recommend holding physical gold and silver for the ultimate hedge and protection with your self directed IRA.

June Housing Numbers (Corrected) and Your Self Directed IRA

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Monthly changes in June home sales showed a decline of 8.4% for new homes, a decline of 5.4% for existing homes. Though large on a monthly basis, in the big scheme of things there numbers were not meaningful.  Both numbers continue to show a developed and established pattern of low-level stagnation.

Weakness in homes sales has been blamed on too-low inventories of houses for sale.  The low inventories are part of the issue, but there is something a self-fulfilling cycle at play, due to low prices likely keeping some houses off the market.  Also throttling down activity for both purchasers and sellers is the continued consumer liquidity and credit issues.

Inventories of homes for sale are relatively low at 6.6 months supply in June for existing home sales was up by 3.1% from May and was at its highest since December 2011.  For new home sales, June inventories reflected a 4.9 months supply, up by 8.9% from May, and at the same levels seen in March and April, which last were exceeded in January 2012.

How does this effect your self directed IRA?

Its clear that home sales are not recovering and really have not improved significantly for the last 5 years. Home sales are a key driver of the economy in the form of consumer spending. Until home sales become less volatile with a significant pattern of improvement, the economy is not going to recover. This spells opportunity for holding investment property in your self directed IRA.

This also presents the case where the Fed and the government will continue to interfere in the inner workings of the economy which ultimately leads to printing. This will drive inflation and more instability. This means that you should be considering having a proper allocation of precious metals in your self directed IRA.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only and are not a solicitation or offering of an investment, investment advice, or tax advice. You should consult with your tax, legal or financial advisor to determine the suitability of any investments made with a self directed IRA account.

The US Outlook And Your Self Directed IRA

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Despite the many negative macro economic factors that are negatively impacting the US and the US recovery, the US is in relatively better shape than other countries. This may sound contradictory to some of our prior blog postings, but its not when we compare the US to other countries. So, we thought we would highlight the outlook for the US and how this may impact your investment decisions with your self directed IRA.

Some of the positives are:

  • Cheap energy: Natural gas is at $2.30 per MMBtu. The helps make the generation of  electricity cheaper. Crude oil running around $82 per barrel. That is relatively cheap and helps keep oil based goods and services cheaper which is good for the economy.
  • IRAQ and Afghanistan are dwindling down. The helps reduce government spending and printing.
  • Bernanke will keep printing. We believe that there is a great benefit to banks to keep the interest rates low. We also believe that with the falling prices (deflationary), the Fed will continue to print  and keep rates low.
  • The dollar is stronger than its competition. Despite the fact that the Fed wants a weaker, cheaper dollar,  when compared to a weak Europe, unmanageable Japanese government debt and the Chinese money stimulus, the US Dollar is more attractive than most other currencies which has been drawing investors into the Dollar.
  • US stocks earnings are still positive.  P/E ratios are attractive when compared to the negative real return of government bonds. Predictions are that US corps will continue to show good ratios which will attract investors.
  • Weakness in Japan and China makes the US relatively more attractive. This is a complex topic, but China and Japan are seeing significant weakness and they are the kings of central bank planning and control which keeps markets out of balance.

How You Should Position Your Self Directed IRA

The crisis in Europe will cause a loss in confidence in the Euro. The dollar is likely to rise against the Euro (goods become more expensive for the Europeans to purchase from the US) which will be the most of any other currency. This will mean that the Europeans will be consuming less of US goods and services. The dollar will rise less against the Japanese yen and the Chinese renminbi, but rise it will.

Here some some specific ideas for self directed IRA investing:

  1. Precious Metals In Your Self Directed IRA- A rising dollar is bad for commodities because they become more expensive. This would generally mean that gold would be negatively impacted. However, because of the ongoing printing in the US, Europe and China, we think that this will outweigh the downward pressures on gold from the strengthening dollar. We are still recommending that you continue to hold some precious metals in your self directed IRA. Consult your financial advisor as to an appropriate allocation of metals.
  2. Real Estate In Your Self Directed IRA – The real estate market looks to continue to stabilize. There are some potential shocks still looming out there. However, a strengthening dollar is likely to have the effect of making real estate hold prices and in some markets, you may see price increases. We believe that we are still in for tough times ahead and that people are not going to see significant increases in their earnings power, nor are they going to be making home purchases due to the banks lending standards. This still bodes well for rental real estate being held in your self directed IRA, and we recommend that people continue to look for good rental opportunities for their self directed IRA.
  3. Trust Deeds In Your Self Directed IRA – There will continue to be pressure on working people due to their purchasing power degrading. Real estate prices may stabilize, but are not likely to see enough price appreciation to help people under water. There will continue to be private lending opportunities for holding deeds of trust in your self directed IRA. We recommend that you continue to look for the right type of borrower. You will find people under some stress, but have a job with a regular paycheck. These are great opportunities for your self directed IRA.


The information provided is for educational purposes only and are not a solicitation or offering of an investment, investment advice, or tax advice. You should consult with your tax, legal or financial advisor to determine the suitability of any investments made with a self directed IRA account.