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About Us

Accuplan Benefits Services is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah

Accuplan Benefits Services is based out of South Jordan Utah, just south of the capital of Salt Lake City. We have been leaders in the retirement industry since 1985, when we were founded by Mike Janko.

We were originally called the National Association of Financial and Estate Planning, or simply, NAFEP. Starting in 2007, Scott Janko became the president of NAFEP, and as our business slowly geared more and more towards self-directed IRAs and 401Ks, and less on estate planning, we rebranded as American Estate and Trust, and Accuplan Benefits Services. AET as the custodian, and Accuplan as the administrator.

Here at Accuplan, we’re a very proud self-directed IRA administrator that offers our expert knowledge, products, and services at a very low cost, in a simple and efficient manner. Our top notch service, and what we have to offer, is unmatched in the industry.

One thing that we strive for is unparalleled IRA services. While most custodians trap you into a small pool of investment options, Accuplan and AET offer a truly self-directed IRA in that your investment options are virtually unlimited.

Introduction to Self-Directed IRAs

Some of our self-directed IRA services:

  • Self-directed IRA administration
  • Self-directed 401k plan set-up
  • Checkbook control IRA LLC (ICO)
  • Mobile iOS app
  • 401K small business financing
  • And much, much more!

Unlike most IRA or 401K accounts with other custodians, when you have an account with Accuplan, we give you the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of your self-directed account. Along with the features listed above, Accuplan will insure that you are always informed and well positioned to take advantage of all self-directed investment opportunities.

Get in touch with one of our friendly representatives about opening an account, or questions you have about IRAs.


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We pride ourselves in one on one lifetime service.

Let us know how can we help you today?

We pride ourselves in one on one lifetime service.

Let us know how can we help you today?

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