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Estate and Financial Planning Guide for Families of Children With Special Needs

Two parents walk down the street next to their child who is learning to ride a bicycle

Everyone, no matter how wealthy, has an estate — all of your personal belongings, money, and assets — that needs to be taken care of after you pass away. Similarly, everyone has a default estate plan outlined by their state government, but this plan likely doesn’t align with your wishes, benefit your assets, or result […]

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What Are Alternative Investments?

An alternative investment is exactly what it sounds like: a financial asset that exists outside the scope of traditional investment categories such as stocks, bonds, or cash. You can still use an alternative investment to contribute to traditional investments, but unconventionally, like shorting a stock or arbitraging a stock between two different markets. From cryptocurrency […]

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What Happens to Your Unused Retirement Account Contributions?

Do you know what happened to that money you contributed to your employer’s 401K program? Are you worried it’s lost for good? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered on what happens to your unused retirement money. Did you quit? If you have more than $5,000 invested in your 401K, most plans allow you to leave […]

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Inflation Can and Will Deplete Your Self-Directed IRA Income – How to Fight it

Inflation is something most Americans don’t think about much, but it has a significant influence on all of our financial lives. Not only does inflation impact the prices of consumer goods; but the federal government also uses it as a benchmark in determining whether to increase contribution limits to qualified retirement plans or to raise […]

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Owning and Operating a Self-Directed 401K 101

Ever heard of a self-directed 401K? It might be what you need. It’s not very common for employers to offer a self-directed 401K, more than likely you’ve been contributing to an employer-sponsored 401K. While there are similarities, they’re both retirement savings vehicles, and they follow the same rules, but the fundamental difference is that there’s […]

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How to Use a Self-Directed IRA to Invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust

A real estate investment trust is a company that owns or finances real estate. A REIT will invest in rental properties (known as equity REITs), or finance the mortgages (known as mREITs), or both. If you know how a mutual fund works, REITs operate similarly. Investors pool their money to build enough capital to fund […]

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