401k administration

Providing a 401(k) plan to your employees requires knowledge of the intricate laws governing how employees can use this retirement plan. Setting up and managing a 401(k) plan can be time-consuming while handling your everyday small business operations, but 401(k) administration services can assist. A 401(k) plan administrator will help you stay compliant with all necessary laws.

What Is 401(k) Administration?

When engaging a 401(k) plan administrator, you benefit from the expertise of an external partner well-versed in the intricacies of this small business retirement plan. 401(k) plan administrators ensure adherence to relevant retirement plan regulations while allowing for tailored adjustments to suit both employees and your business requirements. Your designated plan administrator oversees all plan transactions, including authorizing specific activities such as distributions.

Benefits of 401(k) Administration Services

As a 401k administrator, Accuplan will manage numerous services for your small business, including:

  • Plan updates: We’ll update your plan as needed — when laws are modified or your business’s needs change — so that you can stay compliant and effective.
  • Plan Design: If you’re in the beginning stages of forming an employee 401(k) plan, we’ll help you with Safe Harbor options, employee eligibility, and distribution rules and assist in defining your employment status to ensure coverage of all employees.
  • Disclosures and paperwork filing: Entities like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must receive information from your business detailing your retirement plan. We handle this paperwork for you, such as filing Form 5500, and provide audit support.

The following are the additional services you can expect while holding your funds with us:

  • Monitoring: Constant monitoring of plan contribution limits, fees and reports helps you stay proactive when adhering to law changes and legal plan documents.
  • Authorizations: We ensure all transactions follow your 401(k) plan’s rules before authorizing them.

We can also work for you as a Solo 401(k) administrator to manage a retirement plan for an owner-only business. When you choose us as your self-directed 401(k) custodian, you can invest in alternative options such as precious metals and real estate.

Why Choose Accuplan?

Take advantage of 401(k) administration from Accuplan and rely on us to manage your or your employees’ retirement plans. With fewer responsibilities, you can spend more time on high-priority business needs. We offer accurate, consistent plan information and high-quality, detailed service at a competitive and affordable fee.

Our financial industry experts have firsthand knowledge from working with retirement accounts, and they prioritize continual learning to remain up to date on federal and state IRS rules. Many of our employees have nine years of experience or more in working with the retirement account industry, and we have become world-class at helping clients manage their retirement funds to receive the most benefits.

Whether you’re running a sole proprietorship or seeking to build a retirement plan for a department full of employees, we can meet your needs.

Contact Accuplan to Get an Expert 401(k) Plan Administrator

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