Self-Directed Business Accounts 

Accuplan offers small businesses the opportunity to self-direct their retirement plans. Choose between the following accounts and get self-directing now! 

Individual 401K 

A self-employed 401K is a retirement savings plan typically utilized by self-employed business owners. A self-employed 401K is designed for only the business owner and their spouse to make contributions. This account type is similar to a traditional employer-sponsored 401K, but is allowed to invest in alternative assets. 


  • High contribution limit of $58,000 with tax advantages for the account 
  • A plan designed solely for the business owner and their spouse 

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Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans are for either an individual that is self-employed or small businesses that employ less than 25 people. SEP IRAs allow for tax-deductible contributions of up to 25% of each individual’s compensation. If the account holder is self-employed, they are considered an employee and receive the same benefits. 


  • Less costly than a self-directed 401K 
  • Higher contribution limit of 25% of salary, or up to $58,000 maximum 
  • Tax-deductible contributions 

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A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) IRA is a retirement account for a small business that employs 100 people or less. The business nor the business owner must not have other retirement plan options available, so the SIMPLE IRA is the sole savings plan for all involved. Contributions into a SIMPLE IRA are tax-deductible and compound tax-deferred until retirement distributions are taken. 


  • Employees are 100% vested in all SIMPLE IRA funds 
  • Higher contribution limits than individual retirement accounts 
  • Tax-deferred growth without capital gains or income tax 

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Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) 

An ESOP is a tax-advantaged vehicle, and it compares to a 401K. The employer will set up a trust fund to share their private stock or designate cash to buy existing shares, all within a tax-advantaged IRA. These shares are issued to select employees. 

Like other employer-sponsored benefits, employees who have shares within the company are not considered fully vested until seniority has been attained within that company. If a vested employee does leave that company, their employer must buy back the vested stock at a fair market price. 


  • Enables employees an opportunity to buy into their employer’s shares, and in turn, brings usable capital 
  • High contribution limit of $58,000 or 100% of compensation 
  • Stock contributions are tax-deductible, and employees pay no extra taxes on received contributions to the ESOP 

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