Grow your business with us!

Amplify What You Already Have to Offer

We help connect your clients IRA accounts to your investment offerings

Financial Advisors and Brokers

Do your clients want to do more with their alternative investment portfolios inside their IRA? We are the solution, and you can take advantage of our B2B program.

Real Estate Professionals

Let us help your clients invest in real estate through their IRA. Your real estate knowledge with our IRA makes a perfect duo.

Precious Metal Brokers

Do your clients want precious metals in their retirement account? Accuplan has been dealing in precious metals IRAs for over 25 years. We will help you meet their demand.

PPM Providers

We provide a robust platform that is geared towards PPM providers. We know that getting new investment opportunities out to your clients quickly and efficiently is a challenge. Check out our platform to see how we solved that problem.

Recieve Special Benefits

Customized API & White-Labeling

Our user portal can be customized and fully rebranded to fit your coloring, tone, and overall appearance for full integration. We've designed our portal to be an immersive experience for all users and is catered to your clients' needs. Customize what you need, or use our ready-to-go portal.

Special Discounts on Fees

As a part of our B2B Program, you and your clients will receive a special discount on all fees associated with opening an account and all transaction fees. This discounted fee schedule is exclusively only offered to our B2B and Partnerships participants.