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We know that many financial products already handle alternative investments for their customers. The missing link is that customers also want the ability to house their assets in retirement accounts. This is for both tax advantages and increased access to investing capital.

Accuplan has been part of the self-directed industry for over 20 years. As such, we have found what customers and businesses demand out of a financial Platform.

Over the years, Accuplan has striven to cultivate healthy B2B partnerships. Our efforts have enabled us to develop our financial Platform into what it is today. We now offer a great platform with self-direction and investing at its core. 

Using our Platform, you'll be able to

  • Send investment opportunities to multiple clients quickly and easily
  • Gain the ease and fluidity of onboarding and vetting potential users
  • Add and leverage retirement services with existing accounts
  • Create investment template for batch or single invites
  • Pay vendors, dividends and distributions using our batch pay feature
  • Manage all costs directly tied to your self-directed IRA

Empower Clients with Industry Specific Software

Financial Capabilities
  • Collect fees from customers and investors
  • Link your external accounts
  • Pay dividends and distributions
  • Verify investor accreditation
Digitized Administration

Our Platform simplifies administrative tasks.

  • Self-service client portals
  • Digital onboarding
  • Automated reports
Asset Management
  • Prepare an investment option
  • Save it as a template
  • Bulk invite investors
  • Monitor & track investor performance