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What Are Alternative Investments?

An alternative investment is exactly what it sounds like: a financial asset that exists outside the scope of traditional investment categories such as stocks, bonds, or cash. You can still use an alternative investment to contribute to traditional investments, but unconventionally, like shorting a stock or arbitraging a stock between two different markets. From cryptocurrency […]

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Shaping an Investment Portfolio for The Coming Year

We enter 2018 in the midst of what has been reported as the second-longest-running bull market ever. Accordingly, many investors are wondering how they should adjust their investment strategies. After all, given the age of the bull market and the high equity valuations it has produced, it would not be surprising to see it turn […]

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How You Can Invest in Tech with a Self Directed IRA

It’s sometimes forgotten that with a self-directed IRA, people can invest in pretty much anything. While there are exclusions in what you can invest in, technology definitely isn’t one of them.This last year, the technology sector has delivered some of the best returns since the recession in 2008, and while these stocks have the potential […]

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