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Self-Directed IRA Rollover Terminology Broken Down

Rollovers are the most common way to transfer funds within retirement accounts. Transfers and rollovers are transactions that allows for the movement of assets between IRAs and 401K plans. Let’s go over the basic terminology. Direct Rollover A Direct Rollover is generally used when moving funds from an employer plan (like a former employer 401K) […]

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Contributing to a 401K and an IRA is Allowed, and Why You Should Do It

What we’re discussing in this article: Eligibility of who can contribute to a Roth IRA and a 401K – there are income limits for a Roth IRA, see if you qualify below Other combinations of IRA types like SEP IRAS or Traditional IRAs if it makes sense for you tax-wise An explanation of pretax and […]

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Why 2018 is Your Year to Open a Roth IRA

    A Roth IRA is a retirement account that allows you to contribute after-tax dollars. The reason retirement savers choose a Roth IRA over a Traditional IRA is summed up pretty easily come retirement. No taxes. Since your funds are taxed before they’re contributed, they’re not taxed again come retirement, unlike a Traditional IRA. […]

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