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More FAQs on Gold IRA and Precious Metals IRAs

Image courtesy of thanawong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of thanawong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Accuplan Benefits Services provides the IRA industry’s simplest and best gold backed IRA and precious metals program. Our IRA and storage fees are among the industry’s lowest, while providing you with the most flexibility in coin and bullion selection and precious metals dealer choice, all in a one-stop shop.

FAQ with Precious Metals IRAs

1- What fees are charged and how often will they be charged?

Setup Fee: $35
Annual Fee: $150

Monthly Storage Fees

Asset Value Of Metals Gold IRA Silver IRA Both Metals
< $25,000 $8 $10 $10
> $25,000 $12 $18 $18

2- Are there any penalty fees I should be aware of?

There are no penalties for transferring funds from one IRA to another custodian, regardless of whether it is a gold backed IRA or silver IRA. The only time you are subject to penalties is if you take the IRA funds and put them into your personal bank account.

3- What IRA packages do you offer and what are the differences between them and the fees associated to them?

We specialize in self directed IRAs. A Self Directed IRA is no different than a Traditional, Roth, SEP, Simples or Inherited IRA except we allow you to truly self direct your account in multiple investments such as gold and silver.

The fees are the same no matter what type of IRA you setup.

4- What is the process to open a Precious Metals IRA and/or to Transfer funds from an existing IRA?

  1. We setup an IRA account – Upon receipt of your application, we will have the account created and the transfer request sent out within 24 hours of receipt.
  2. We forward the IRA transfer request to your current custodian
  3. Your custodian sends us the money – We send wire and mail instructions with the transfer request. Please note that if your custodian sends us a check it will take 5 business days to clear.
  4. We invest your monies as you direct us to – The investment direction form, contained in the application, is used to direct us to place your monies in your investment.

5- How long should this process take?

It takes 5 minutes to create an account online.  Online Account Setup. Once the account has been established we need to request the funds from your current custodian.  This takes 1-3 weeks depending on how quickly your IRA custodian sends us the funds.

6- What form(s) will I need to be responsible to fill out to move forward?

There are two options for opening up an account.  One is online and the other is filling out a PDF application.  The PDF applications have all the information you will need to fill out.  If you fill out the app online we will still need a document called an IRA Transfer Request Form.  This form is sent to your current custodian to request the funds.  The only other item you will need to give us is a copy of your driver’s license.

8- Where would the precious metals be held?

At Brinks’ vault in Salt Lake City, UT.  We also have a depository in Delaware for those who would like to store their metals there.

9- How are the metals stored? Are they segregated storage?

Yes the vault is segregated. Brinks keeps all of our metals segregated from all of their other clients.  They also segregate the metals based on the metals type and year.  This is done so when it comes time to sell the gold or silver eagle coins you purchased, the gold and silver eagle coins will be sold.

If you have any more questions about holding gold and silver in an IRA feel free to comment below, call or email me.

Author: , Self Directed IRA Professional