How a Gold IRA can Help you Diversify your Retirement Account

We love talking about how a self-directed IRA can benefit your retirement. Most investment professionals suggest that a diversified portfolio (like a gold IRA) is the smartest way to go and that is exactly what a self-directed IRA does. It gives you a more diversified portfolio because you can invest in other things outside of the regular stocks and bonds. These non-traditional investments can be in things like real estate, gold or more.

If you have wondered why investing in gold or silver may be a great option for you, check out our video below. We talk about a gold IRA, also known as a self-directed IRA that is invested in gold.

When storing your gold in this vault you will be charged a small minimal fee. The monthly storage fees are below.

Monthly Storage Fees:

The asset value of metals: gold only, silver only, both metals
Less than $25,000: $8, $10, $10
More than $25,000: $12, $18, $18

It’s important to remember that one of the great reasons for having some of your retirement assets in gold is that it’s a great way to diversify your portfolio. The other great thing is that gold is looked at as being a standard of value across the globe. It is highly unlikely that gold will ever be worth nothing. If it happened to be worth nothing one day then you still have the saving grace that you will own the actual gold. If the stocks you own ever become worth nothing what do you have to show for it?

These are just a few reasons why a gold IRA could be a great option for you to invest in with your retirement account.

If you would like to know more about a gold IRA or how to set one up then contact us today.