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Gold Professionals Say Now Is The Time To Buy

Buy Gold Today

Your retirement accounts can be invested in so many different things with so many different types of investments out there what do you invest in? Many times those setting up self directed IRAs and 401ks already have an idea what they want to invest in with their IRA or 401k. There are times though when you know you want to invest in something other than stocks and bonds but you just aren't sure what direction to go in. There are other times that when you have already invested in the majority of things you wanted to with your IRA but you have some extra money that you aren't sure what to do with.  Investing in precious metals could be a great option for you. Right now could be a great time to buy gold and so you may want to think about investing in gold while signs point to costs going up for gold.

The following video from CNBC suggests that gold could be a great buy right now and that there is a good chance that it is headed up soon.

Gold could be a great investment right now. The previous video points out that the price right now is a great price to buy at and that more than likely is only going up from here. With those reasons alone gold could be the investment your retirement needs. Typically when investing in gold through your IRA it is called a gold IRA or a gold backed IRA. What else makes gold a great long-term investment for your retirement account? The following are more reasons gold is a great investment as well as some some great rules to help you invest more wisely in gold or silver through a self directed IRA or 401k.

  • Always buy from a reputable source.
  • You cannot buy rare or collector coins inside of an IRA.
  • Make sure the depository where your IRA funds are stored is insured and secured.
  • Choose an IRA custodian who has a good reputation and track record.
  • All metals stored in a Self Directed IRA are kept private.
  • You cannot store metals at your house without it being considered a distribution.

Check out our article on gold and silver in your retirement account for more info on why gold is a great option for your retirement account.