Investing in Billboards & Cell Towers

Cell towers and billboards are a great investment for your self-directed IRA because

1)      It’s easy for a first-time investor.

2)      More than one company can be paying rent to your IRA each month.

3)      Rent is paid by a company so the income is more reliable and timely then other investments.

4)      Cell towers are constantly being erected because the demand for their service is so high.

5)      The renter, not the self-directed IRA, is responsible for any additional costs, like permits, maintenance, operating costs, etc.

The Process is Simple!

1) Set-up a self-directed IRA with our 2 minute online application.

2) Complete the one-page Transfer Request form to transfer funds from another custodian (like Fidelity or Schwab), or send in a check with a Contribution Form.

3) Complete the contracts and documents listing the self-directed IRA as the purchaser.

a. The self-directed IRA can be the sole purchaser or it can purchase a fraction of the investment. The other portion can be funded by personal funds, a loan, an investor, etc.42-15534708

4) We, as the IRA custodian, sign the real estate paperwork on behalf of the self-directed IRA and send the money as the account holder’s instructs.

5) Congratulations! The IRA is now self-directed, invested and ready to receive tax-deferred income!

What expenses are involved?

These type of investments typically do not have additional expenses (like repairs) so there is usually only the self-directed IRA account fee.    Our fee is a flat rate!  We do not charge asset percentages, per asset transaction fees, or quarterly maintenance fees for assets in the account, like other custodians.  Here is a complete list of our fees.

How does the self-directed IRA make money?

TAX DEFERRED, that’s how!

Rent and profits from the sale are deposited back into the self-directed IRA – tax deferred!

How much rent is going to be charged each month?  How much profit is the investment going to make?  Are you seeing that type of return when investing in the stock market?

Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

Great!  Take a couple of minutes to complete the one-page IRA Application and Transfer Request form.

Happy investing!


I hope so!  I would love to hear from you!

Jaclyn Grella

IRA Specialist

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