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Self-Directed IRA Rollover Terminology Broken Down

Rollovers are the most common way to transfer funds within retirement accounts. Transfers and rollovers are transactions that allows for the movement of assets between IRAs and 401K plans. Let’s go over the basic terminology. Direct Rollover A Direct Rollover is generally used when moving funds from an employer plan (like a former employer 401K) […]

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IRA Rollover Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make

There are times when having an IRA can be trickier than anticipated. There are a lot of rules to follow, there are papers that need to be signed, certain accounts that have to be opened, and sometimes it can be intimidating. This is one reason why having an experienced administrator and custodian on your side […]

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You don’t have to leave your 401(k) or other employer retirement plan money in an existing plan if you no longer work for that employer. The same rule applies to an inherited 401(k) or employer retirement plan. Whether it’s your plan or it’s inherited, you can legally and advantageously move those funds into an IRA […]

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