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Gold-Backed IRA

The image for a precious metals IRA including a gold IRA rollover or silver IRA.

Are you interested in adding a stable and exciting investment into your self-directed retirement plan? Adding a gold IRA to your retirement portfolio is ideal for anyone wanting to diversify outside of traditional paper assets. And a gold IRA rollover is a great way to achieve that goal. By keeping your IRA solely invested in stocks and bonds, you're making your money vulnerable to inflation, and to market turmoil. Gold and silver hedge against the lowering of the U.S dollar, since typically, when inflation occurs, gold appreciates. Investors find a safe haven in hard assets like precious metals in times of economic uncertainty. Balance your retirement portfolio by adding a precious metals IRA.

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What metals are allowed?

  • Click Here for a List of Metals, Bullion and Coins Allowed in a precious metals IRA - Click Here
  • Traditional IRA Application And Bullion-Coin Order Form - Click Here
  • Roth IRA Application And Bullion-Coin Order Form - Click Here

Special Note on Fees for a Gold IRA or Silver IRA (1)

The fees below are restricted to precious metals holdings in your IRA. If you wish to hold other asset types in the same IRA, use our regular IRA Fee Schedule, which lists fees for all inclusive IRAs.

Setup Fee: $35
Annual Fee: $150

What About Storage and Fees?

According to IRS rules and laws, an individual who owns precious metal (like gold or silver) in their self-directed IRAs are not allowed to store the precious metals themselves at home. This is for the safety of your investment, and for the authenticity of the precious metal. Accuplan Benefits Services and American Estate & Trust use Delaware Depository, in Wilmington, Delaware for all of our precious metals storage.

Asset Value Of Metals Gold Only Silver Only Both Metals
< $25,000 $8 $10 $10
> $25,000 $12 $18 $18

(1) The above are only the basic fees for precious metals IRAs. And, you must maintain a minimum cash balance to pay two more annual fees or arrange for your fees to be auto charged to a credit card.

Click Here for a complete list of other IRA fees which you may incur, though the above are accurate for IRAs holding only precious metals.

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