What’s included within our real estate investing guide?

Types of real estate: When we say real estate, we don’t just mean rental property or single family homes, you’re able to invest in commercial real estate, farmland, REITs, and more!

Rules and regulations: You’ll learn all that you need to know about who exactly a disqualified person is, all you need to know about self-dealing and indirect benefits, tax benefits and need-to-know tax rules, how your IRA should be titled, and how exactly we’re here to help you with all of that.

Managing property: There are some complex rules as to what you can and cannot do regarding renovations, daily management, and management of finances. This is the nitty gritty of daily operation that you cannot afford to miss.

FAQs: We have worked hard to answer the most asked questions regarding owning real estate within a self-directed IRA. If there’s something missing, we’re always here to talk!

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