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What We Do

We provide self directed IRA and 401k services including real estate IRAs, gold IRAs, self directed 401k administration products and services. For people looking to invest their retirement in non-traditional investments.

We pride ourselves in expertise, low costs and quick service for self directed IRAs.

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Who We Are

We are an administrator for self directed IRAs and 401ks. We provide plan documents and retirement account administration services for IRAs and 401Ks. We allow you to invest in non-traditional investments with your IRA and 401k. Gold and real estate are just two of the many investments options available.

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Middle-Aged Couple Happy Becuase They Opened A Self Directed IRA with AET

Opening a Self Directed IRA with Accuplan Benefits Services

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    Fill out an application, direction and transfer form.

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    We transfer your funds.

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    We fund the investments.

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What is a Self Directed IRA?

A Self Directed IRA is an IRA account that you directly control and direct into investments of your choosing, whether that be real estate, gold or another investment of your choosing.

We provide a more truly self directed IRA account in that we do not place limits or constraints on your investment choices.

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Self Directed 401(k)

A Self Directed 401K, referred to after this as "one.K", is a 401K plan setup for your company. As the Manager of the company, you can act as the Trustee for the Plan's monies. This enables you to self direct investments on behalf of your 401K

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Gold and Silver In Your Self Directed IRA, Image of Gold Ingots

Gold & Silver In Your SDIRA

We provide the industry's simplest and best precious metals program. We are your IRA custodian, not a precious metals dealer.

Our precious metals program provides you with an integrated, "ONE-STOP-SHOP", program. We provide a Self Directed IRA Account, a list of reputable metals dealers, ordering and secure storage. Feel safe investing in metals with Accuplan.

The Case For Gold In Your IRA

Gold can be a great retirement investing option. Find out why

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Self Directed 401k Investing

Start or buy a business, invest in real estate, flip properties all through a self directed 401k

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IRA Checkbook Control

Invest in real estate, gold or another investment of your choosing with checkbook control

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