2024 IRA contribution limits

What You Need to Know About 2024 IRA Contribution Limits

Almost every year, the IRS updates the contribution limits allowed for individual retirement accounts (IRAs). As someone who contributes to an IRA, you should be aware of how much you can contribute annually. This way, you can maximize your contributions without going over the limit. In 2024, contributions increase for all IRA types. Are IRA […]

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Prohibited Transactions inside of an IRA

Self-Directed IRA Prohibited Transactions: What to Know

When self-directed IRA investing, it’s essential to be aware of the self-directed IRA prohibited transactions. These are transactions that could disqualify the tax status of your retirement account, so it’s crucial to avoid them. This blog post will go over popular self-directed IRA prohibited transactions and what you need to know about them. […]

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A Look at the 2022 IRA Contribution Limits (updated for 2022)

Business Account Contribution Limits: SEP IRA Contribution Limits Solo 401K Contribution Limits SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits Individual Account Contribution Limits: Traditional IRA Contribution Limits Roth IRA Contribution Limits Contribution Limits for 2022 Current 401K contributions for 2021 are maxed out at $19,500 for savers under the age of 50, and max at $26,000 for savers […]

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What Novice Investors Need to Know About SDIRAs

A self-directed IRA is, simply put, a type of retirement savings account that permits you to invest in nearly any type of asset you want using tax-advantaged strategies to do so. Put simply, an IRA is simply a retirement vehicle. The term self-directed has emerged because so many companies serving as custodians of these accounts […]

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The Rules of Buying Property with your Real Estate IRA

Real estate is one of the most sought-after and lucrative hard asset types that investors love. It’s popular because it’s not just single-family homes, but commercial real estate, farmland, business parks, apartment complexes, and more.What most Americans don’t know is that you’re allowed to invest in these types of real estate with your self-directed IRA, […]

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Self Directed IRA Rules Are Crucial To Know

Self-Directed IRA Rules It is very important that you understand the rules related to Self-Directed IRA and 401k investing.  I recently read an excellent article by the Wall Street Journal where someone was not familiar with the self-directed IRA rules related to self-directed IRA investing and their entire IRA became disqualified. There are many investment benefits […]

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