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Changes that Can Impact Your Retirement Savings

Retirement Factors

Gone are the days of the set and forget retirement plan. If you are still in that mentality and haven't taken a moment to check where you are at with your retirement you should reevaluate your sitation. Over time there are variables that can affect your retirement nest egg. Because there are so many different variables you should at least once a year review your retirement goals and adjust those goals if needed.  We want you to be aware of some of these variables so that you don't let them hurt your retirement. Of course when investing for your retirement there is some risk and there are some things that aren't avoidable but lets jump right in.

Your Lifestyle

As you age your lifestyle changes. Pretty obvious right? The one thing you need to make sure is that you are always planning for the retirement you want at your current state. Don't plan for the retirement you wanted 10 years ago. You have changed, so make sure your retirement plan has adapted to your current lifestyle.

Your Career

It is obvious that your career has plenty to do with how your retirement will shape up but how about the length of your career? Your working career could be shortened by health issues, family issues or just being plain burnt out. Pay attention to how you are feeling. If you are feeling burnt out you may feel like retirement earlier than you originally thought. Make sure your retirement plan changes because of this or if you aren't willing to change your retirement plan then you must try to do things to make sure you don't get burnt out.

Your Potential Earnings

It can be easy to put off saving for retirement because you feel like you will be able to catch up later in your life because you will be earning much more. This is a very flawed way to look at retirement planning and saving. IT is always better to add as much as you can to your retirement now because you don't know what the future holds. You may be out of a job one day or maybe you'll be making more. In any case starting today and contributing as much as you wisely can to your retirement plan can make a huge positive influence.


Don't overlook inflation. If you do, you may get close to retirement and realize that inflation eroded the value of your money quite significantly. It is just another reason to make sure you are constantly reevaluating your retirement plan for your current time and that your plan isn't stuck for what you were planning 10 years ago.


History can help us to have an idea of how our investments will pan out, but remember it doesn't always go the way we planned. Be ready to lower expectations if things don't go quite right. Many investment professionals recommend a diversified portfolio to minimize risk. One way to help minimize your risk when investing with your retirement accounts is with a self directed IRA or 401k

Self Directed IRA

Taking more control over what your retirement account is actually invested can be a great way to boost your retirement, especially if you would like to invest in real estate, gold or some other non-traditional type of investment. To learn more about self directed IRAs read, "What You Need to Know About Self Directed IRAs"  or contact us.

Remember to Monitor

The key to a great retirement is active monitoring of your retirement savings plan. It helps to keep you on track and meet any new needs that arise over the years.