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Debt vs Retirement

We continue to hear over and over again that saving for retirement is a must. Are we as Americans getting the big picture though? There is a growing trend that sure makes me worried and that paints a picture that we really aren’t getting the big picture. We happen to be acquiring more debt than what we are saving for retirement. Watch the full story from CNBC below.

Is this scary? If it isn’t worrisome to you than I hope you are on the right track for your own retirement. If you are part of this problem and aren’t worried, you should be! If you want to take control of your retirement let us help you. With self directed retirement accounts you can take control of your retirement and invest in things you actually want. Real estate, gold, silver, and other businesses are just a few of the types of investments available in self directed IRAs and 401ks. Get your retirement accounts in order now before it is too late. Diversifying your retirement accounts is a great way to start. Again, if you aren’t even saving for retirement and you just keep acquiring more debt than what you are saving that should be your first priority. Figure out how to save more than you spend! Start today at creating the best retirement possible. There is no better time than the present.