Happy New Year 2015. 3d

The market is dropping as oil dips to $50 a barrel.  Monday we had a drop of over 330 points.  Tuesday the drop was around 130 points.  Popular news stations are predicting more falls and slides (see articles below).

I’m not saying the stock market is a bad place to invest your money, but why should it be the only place your retirement is invested?  You have more options with a self-directed IRA account.

Wall Street is getting more bearish!

MSN Money – “Analysts see oil prices weakening further through the second quarter before leveling off “

CNN Money “Experts now predict oil could go as low as $40 or even $30 a barrel”

Bloomberg – “The biggest collapse in energy prices since the 2008 global recession is shifting wealth and power”

Fox Business News “Price of crude oil slumps, dragging down energy companies and the rest of the stock market.”


Are you ready to TAKE CONTROL of how your retirement is invested?!  Good for you!!
Here is some more information on how you can invest your retirement funds in assets other than the Stock Market with a self-directed IRA.

Investment Options

with a Self-Directed IRA

ü  Real Estate

ü  Hard money lending

ü  Precious Metals

•        Gold

•        Silver

•        Platinum

•        Bullion coins

ü  Private placements or offerings

•        Oil & gas

•        Real estate

•        Ownership interests

ü  Tax Liens, Trust Deeds, Mortgage Notes

ü  Fund a Start-Up Business

ü  Invest in a business

ü  Loan money to a business

ü  Loan money to an individual

ü  Invest in your own business

ü  And Many Others!

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Simply enter your personal info into this online application to create an account.


Use this form to roll funds from the current custodian.

Custodian = the company currently holding your funds.

There are no penalties or taxes required by the IRS when transferring from one custodian to another.

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In addition to being able to contribute for 2015, there is also still time to make a contribution for 2014 (our deadline is in April 2015).


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