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Need a good smile? Retirement Facts to Chew On!


If it could only rain money for real! Wouldn’t that be the day? Even though we can’t make it rain money there are some things we can do to make sure we are more financially ready when retirement comes. I stumbled upon a great article by the department of labor where I got most of the following information.

Chew on these facts…

Retirement Facts

The cold hard truth is most of Americans really don’t know how much money they need to retire nor do they participate in retirement accounts when they have the option. I would suggest that if you work to talk with your HR department or anyone who can help you check if your work provides some sort of retirement account, namely a 401(k) and set one up!

Now getting back to that government article. They mention 10 ways to prepare for retirement and I loved them so much I thought it would be great to share them with you. I will be posting another blog article within the next few days explaining more in-depth what each tip means but thought I’d share the tips in the mean time.

1- Start Saving and don’t stop!
2- Retirement Needs. Know them.
3- If you are able to contribute to employer’s retirement savings plan then do it.
4- If you are lucky enough to be part of the dwindling population who work for a company that offers a pension plan make sure you learn about it.
5- Consider investment principles. What you invest in makes a difference.
6- Don’t mess with your retirement savings.
7- If your employer doesn’t offer a plan ask them to start.
8- Save into an IRA.
9- Know your Social Security Benefits.
10- It is never to late to ask questions.

It may seem overwhelming thinking of how you are going to complete each of the ten tips but if you just start with a few you will be in a much better retirement position then you previously were. As I mentioned earlier I will be discussing these ten steps more in my next blog. If you need any help with your reitirement, namely setting up an IRA that allows you to invest into things like gold and real estate feel free to contact us at Accuplan.