The US Outlook And Your Self Directed IRA

Despite the many negative macro economic factors that are negatively impacting the US and the US recovery, the US is in relatively better shape than other countries. This may sound contradictory to some of our prior blog postings, but its not when we compare the US to other countries. So, we thought we would highlight […]

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The Self Directed IRA Update

We hate to continue being such a doom and gloom type with the blog, but here we are half way through June and the economic news is not getting better – its getting worse. Greece – Greece is clearly heading for a breakup and even withdrawal from the European Union. Greece can’t even borrow money. […]

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Self Directed IRA Real Estate Trends

Real estate has and continues to be a key holding in a large percentage of self directed IRAs. We saw the activity level high in pre-2008 and now, we see that level coming back, but for different reasons. Below we will look at a couple of key metrics to give you an idea as to […]

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