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Post Retirement Investing Is Very Important. Do It Right.

Retirement Done Right

Retirement investing can be quite stressful. There are so many variables to be aware of when retirement investing. One variable that isn't talked about often that needs to be talked about more is the issues that come with post-retirement investing. Many times when we arrive at retirement with the next egg we were hoping for we think everything is done and we don't have much left to worry about. The truth is you still need to have a post-retirement plan in order to make your nest egg stretch as long as it needs to while also not getting eaten alive by inflation, any potential major down turns in the market or big health costs.

How to invest your retirement egg while in retirement? One thing I have come to learn over the years is that there are many solutions to the same problem. This also applies to retirement investing. There are so many different ways to invest that can allow you to complete your goals for your retirement and so there is no one fits all answer for everyone. The following are some great tips to help anyone investing their retirement nest egg post-retirement:

Stay Invested- On average if you were to retire at 65 you would have roughly 20 years left to live and that means your retirement egg needs to stretch 20 years. One of the biggest things to worry about during this time is making sure your portfolio isn't eaten by inflation so your portfolio should still be invested in things that will provide growth potential. How risky and how much of your portfolio is invested in this growth potential is another story. You still need to be in the game but it many only be 10% or less of your portfolio.

Stay Diversified- This is one that really will pay off especially when there are big downturns in the economy. You can't afford to loose everything you have been working for now. Making sure you have things diversified is just plain ol' smart. On thing to help with diversification is investing in things in and outside of the stock market. Not everything has to plain ol' stocks and bonds. Before retirement why not invest with some of your retirement accounts into real estate? This can be done through a real estate IRA.

Adjust On The Fly- You never know what is going to happen. The market could tank, another investment could go south. You need to be able to adapt and adjust. Even if nothing major happens you should always be evaluating how much you can withdrawal and if you are on track. Planning is key to success.

Don't Be Against Working Part Time- If your health is good and you need something to take up some of your time why not work part time? Any income that will lower the amount you need to withdrawal from  your retirement accounts will make a difference.

Retirement is just another stage in your investment portfolio. You want that money to be able to last you all of retirement. Following these steps are going to keep you on the right path to retirement success.