Self Directed IRA Fraud And Scams: Scare Tactics or Truth?

Suddenly, we’ve seen a spate of articles from major media sources talking about self directed IRA and the potential for fraud.

First of all let us start off by saying that self directed IRA investing is not for everyone. We get that and acknowledge it. However, not one single article published cites one single statistic to support the supposed inherent fraud danger associated with self directed IRAs. We will tell you that our experience shows that less than 1% of self directed IRA investors get caught up in what could be called fraud or illegal activity. However, we would be willing to say that 100% of all investors in the so called regulated market have lost money at some point.

The articles and information floating around are not fully supported with facts and placed into proper perspective. The only reason that you have someone from a state agency stating that they are seeing an increase in complaints from self directed IRA scams is because there are more people doing self directed IRAs. However, not once does anyone attempt to do the simple calculation to say whether or not this is an increase, decrease, and flat data pattern. Its just not responsible reporting and its disingenuous.

We do encourage self directed IRA investors to fully check and vet any investments. We encourage them to hire attorneys and CPAs to assist in their due diligence. They should ask all of the right questions. Yet, even with all of this, there are no guarantees in life. Some times its just a bad investment. But, its our experience that people who do their due diligence, and don’t place all of their eggs in one basket, generally have a good experience with their self directed IRA investments.

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