Top 10 Self Directed IRA/401k Mistakes – #3 – Active Business Investment Is Not Subject To UBTI

Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI) is generated when an Self Directed IRA engages in active business.  A business activity would be one in which the business is buying and/or selling goods and services. A good example would be if you purchased interest in a restaurant , oil and gas exploration, or even a apartment complex. If such income is generated, the IRA has to pay Unrelated Business Income Tax or UBTI.  It is common for self directed IRA owners to invest in some entity such as a LLC  or partnership. If that LLC or partnership conducts business, then the self directed IRA would be subject to the UBTI. UBTI is designed to make the playing field level when a non-taxed entity engages in a business activity against other tax paying businesses.

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