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Top 10 Self Directed IRA/401k Mistakes – #7 IRA owner uses personal assets or “Sweat Equity” for the benefit of the IRA

A self directed IRA owner is clearly allowed to guide and manage the investments of the self directed IRA. The management can be relatively involved and substantial. As an example, the self directed IRA owner (or even the self directed IRA LLC manager – the account owner), could potentially expend considerable effort in finding the right real estate investment for the self directed IRA. This effort could likely be in the form of visiting many properties, speaking with many real estate advisors and experts, crunching numbers, etc.

However, a prohibited transaction or indirect benefit line could be crossed if the self directed IRA owner (or as the IRA LLC manager) were to use their personal tools and equipment to improve the property (e.g. use your saws, materials, truck, employees, to add a new roof). Another potential mistake is the self directed IRA owner provides all of the labor for making the improvements.

The general rule of thumb is that you are allowed to provide the necessary care and management of the self directed IRA’s assets, but you should draw the line at providing “sweat equity” or use and benefit of your personal assets.

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