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What Is a Self-Directed 401k & How Do You Set One Up?

Self-directed 401k in real estate

Today we will be going over the basics of a self-directed 401k, which we call a one.k. Contact our professionals for more information or for help setting up a self-directed 401k.

What is Self Direction?

Most traditional 401ks are limited to investing in traditional investments such as a mutual fund. There are many other viable investment options that are not available through these traditional means.

What is a one.K?

It is a self-directed 401k plan for your company. This enables you to self direct investments on behalf of your 401k.

Investment Choices for a One.k

There are many different types of investment choices that can be made through a one.k. Some of the options available are: private LLCs, or corporations, private lending, real estate and precious metals.

There are times real estate investment opportunities present themselves, yet your main source of capital is locked up in a traditional retirement account. Creating a one.k eables you to take control and capitolize on real estate investment opportunities. This goes for the other types of investments as well.

How It Works?

1- We consult to determine what your objectives are.

2- We create an LLC or C-Corp for you.

3- We create and setup the 401k plan for the company

4- You rollover your IRA or 401k into the new plan

5- You establish banking and investment accounts

6- You direct the investments as the plans’ Trustee

Setting up a one.k should be an enjoyable experience. At Accuplan Benefits Services we offer: low custodial fees, flat annual fees, online account access, 24-48 hour processing times and expertly trained customer support.

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