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Who are we?

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I commonly get asked about who is Accuplan Benefits Services and American Estate & Trust, LC.  I thought it would be good to briefly explain who we are and what relationship between the two companies.

Accuplan Benefits Services is not an IRA custodian.  They are a facilitator (administrator) of IRA accounts.  Accuplan Benefits Services answers all the sales, consulting, and support questions clients may have.  They are the bridge between the client and the IRA custodian.  The main reason for a facilitator would be to give more specialized and one on one support with a client and to minimize communications with the IRA Custodian.  It also helps to have a specific person answer all of your questions.

American Estate & Trust, LC is the IRA custodian.  Their role is to hold your IRA accounts, review all transactions through your IRA, and report every year to the IRS the value of your IRA.  Below is more about American Estate & Trust and the regulations they must comply with:

  1. AET is a licensed, bonded and regulated trust company under the state laws of Nevada (see references below)
  2. AET is audited by the State of Nevada Division of Financial Institutions. Audits require proven financials along with proof of cash reserves.
  3. As a trust company, funds are 100% available unlike banks that are required to keep 3-5% of clients funds on-hand.
  4. Maintain cash reserves per state law guidelines.
  5. AET does not lend or leverage client deposits, nor does it offer checking accounts. This insures that client funds are available and liquid.
  6. AET is regulated by the same laws as other banks and financial institutions.
  7. Funds are held in an FDIC insured account at Wells Fargo.
  8. Funds are swept overnight into a money market account. This insures that funds are not held by the bank overnight in the event of a bank failure. This also insures that all deposits are pushed out in a cash form each night therefore not limiting the funds to the 3-5% cash reserves of the bank. All funds are returned to the bank each morning in the form of a new deposit. This is better than FDIC insurance because there would be no waiting for funds or any issues should there ever be a bank failure or a failure of AET.
  9. AET employees are bonded against theft and dishonesty.
  10. AET's principals have undergone FBI background checks.
  11. Wells Fargo is AET's bank and Wells has one of the best balance sheet of any major bank.
  12. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

If you would like to know more about Self Directed IRAs , the benefits, and what you can invest in feel free to comment below.
Author: , Self Directed IRA Professional