IRA Rollover Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make

March 19th, 2018

There are times when having an IRA can be trickier than anticipated. There are a lot of rules to follow, there are papers that need to be signed, certain accounts that have to be opened, and sometimes it can be intimidating. This is one reason why having an experienced administrator and custodian on your side […]

Q&A: Partnering Your IRA with Real Estate

March 14th, 2018

Why real estate? What are the benefits? For one, you’re diversifying your retirement portfolio, and getting it out of the stock market where it’s tied to the ups and downs of the same market that we saw lose $2 trillion in 2008. Your IRA is also more secure since it’s backed by tangible real estate, […]

Deciding Between Roth or Traditional Self-Directed IRAs

March 5th, 2018

There more than one type of self-directed IRAs out there. Most of us have heard of a few of the most important types of retirement accounts, like the Individual Retirement Plan which is more commonly referred to as an IRA. An IRA is one of the most effective ways to save for retirement. If you […]

What to do if your Retirement Savings Falls Short

February 26th, 2018

With so many older workers approaching their retirement years with meager savings, the big question is: What can they do to improve their financial security in retirement? If you’re in your 50s or older, working longer — even by a few months — has a much greater impact on your ultimate retirement income than saving […]

Tapping into Multiple Retirement Income Avenues

February 19th, 2018

If you’re a lucky enough of a person to have a pension, a matching 401K, or any other type of retirement saving option, and you’re fully taking advantage of those benefits, then this article may not be for you. This is more geared towards the 70% of American’s who have either less than $1000 saved […]