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Don’t Be Fooled By Storing Your IRA Metals Offshore

We routinely get asked about storing metals for your IRA offshore. Our position is no, we store them here in the U.S. under our direct control. We have a number of clients that report that other IRA administrators and metals vendors peddle a service whereby you can store your metals in Canada or Switzerland. This […]

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What We See For Self Directed IRAs in 2013

No one has a crystal ball and no one is 100% accurate in trying to predict the US economy. However, as wrong as people may be at a detailed level, its not too hard to see larger, more macro trends with some good level of predictability and accuracy. As such, we are seeing 2013 as […]

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Self Directed IRA Fundings Top $464 Million

We wanted to take a moment and provide some insight o what is happening with our self directed IRA account activity. As of November 2012 we have funded more than $464M in self directed IRA deals. Below is a graph that give you a good idea of what the activity level looks like. The significance […]

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