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You can now pay for any and all account fees online in a very secure manner via a credit card.

Effective today, all clients can log into their self-directed account(s) and pay their account fees with a credit card. All payments are handled on our website in a secure manner. We do not and will not store any credit card information on any of our servers. All credit card information will be passed to the Credit Card company for processing just as we have been doing for years.

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Clients can pay self-directed IRA account fees as they setup accounts online, or login after an account has been established and pay their fees.

Any ongoing self-directed IRA account fees can be paid by logging into your account, reviewing any open invoices and clicking on the “Make A Payment” button shown in the upper, right hand of the account page. You may pay whatever amount you choose (i.e. you can pay more than owed creating a credit or pay less and leave an open balance). If there are no open invoices, you can still pay to post a credit to your self-directed IRA account for future fees.

You do not need to pick any specific item or invoice; you only need to post a payment. Our system will apply any payments to the oldest open invoice to the newest.

The Timing – Immediate

Every transaction is handled in real time online and is not touched by anyone at the credit card merchant or by any of our employees. Since every transaction is processed in real time your account is updated immediately and the payment will be visible to you after submission.

Mailing of Invoices – Accuplan is going green!

For the next 60 days, we will continue to mail invoices free of charge, just as we have been doing for years. During this 60 day window, you can pay your fees online.

We will start charging for mailing paper invoices. The charge will be $8 for each invoice we have to mail.

You will be given the option to turn invoicing on and off just like we offer for quarterly account statements.

During our 60 day transition window, we will continue to accept credit card forms. After the 60 day window, we will assess an $8 fee for manually processing a credit card.

Reporting Problems

If any you experience any problems with running their cards or with how your self-directed IRA account is updated, please send an email to We will review and correct any problems in a timely manner.

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