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Self-Directed IRA Rules – Disqualified Persons

Setting up a self-directed IRA is a great step into taking more control of your retirement investing. It is also a great way to truly diversify your retirement portfolio. As always self-directed IRAs allow you to invest in non-traditional investments like real estate or gold. When you are investing with your self-directed IRA there are certain self-directed IRA rules that you will want to be aware of. Today we will be focusing on one of those rules to help you invest wisely with your IRA, that rule happens to be the disqualified persons rule.

While there are plenty of rules that the IRS has outlined for IRA or 401k investing, we are here to help you make sure you are on track and keeping within the bounds that the IRS has stipulated. One of the important rules that is quite simple to understand but necessary to know is the disqualified persons rule. There is no better way to understand this rule than with a little video. If after watching this video you still have questions please contact us.

Hopefully that spells out clearly enough for you what exactly a disqualified person is and why it is important to follow that rule. At Accuplan Benefits Services we are proud of our notch service and years of experience. These together help to make the best retirement account experience you can have. Whether it is setting up a self-directed IRA or even if it is investing with that self-directed IRA even more fun.