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If the account holder likes to flip houses and is subject to UBIT, our self-directed retirement plans, referred to as a one.K account, may offer a solution.

This account also works for a business owner who wants higher contribution levels than an IRA can offer and / or the ability to invest the Plan’s money outside of the stock market.

The company itself, when utilizing a one.K should have no full time employees except a spouse and / or business partner.

This account follows most of the rules of a traditionally invested retirement plan, like the maximum annual contribution limits, so it’s best if the account holder knows how a retirement plan works or has a third party administrators (TPA) that can help.   A one.K can use its 401(k) funding as a down payment, with the one.K financing or borrowing the balance. The use of debt financing for a real estate investment is not subject to UBIT tax.  This account takes approximately 30 days to set-up and fund.

Set-Up Fees

$1,500 set-up fee

What’s included:

* Creation of 401k Plan Documents

* Filing of EIN

* Favorable Determination Letter from IRS

* Complete set of plan documents with all necessary forms and guides

* Assistance and guidance in the rollover of current plan or retirement account(s) to new self-directed plan

Optional Extras

*$500 to add an LLC (not required – allows Checkbook control)

*$___ State filing fee – This fee varies by State.  Check with your State or email me for fees.

What’s included for the additional $500

* Set up of LLC

* Filing of State articles

* IRS filing of LLC EIN

* Filing of the article with the State

* LLC Operating Agreement

* Set-up and creation of Operation Guide

* Banking authorizations for checking account

* Assistance and guidance with setting up checking account for LLC

* Membership certificates

* Membership ledger

Annual Costs:

**$275 IRA Fee

**$50 per employee – fee for for holding, reporting and tracking rollover funds and non-cash assets

**Filing of annual 5500 and 5500EZ for the Plan.  Our fee starts at $350, or you can contact your own tax professional.

**State filing fees for LLC. Applies if you want checkbook control. This fee varies by State.  Let us know the State to file in so we can send the exact fee(s).  Each year, an annual notice is received from the State to renew this LLC.


  1. Complete the online IRA application and submit the other applications to us with a copy of the account holder’s drivers license.
  2. Funds from the prior custodian are received and released.
  3. We create the Plan.
  4. If applicable – the account holder sets up a checking account for the LLC and funds are deposited.
  5. The account holder is ready start self-directing with the Plan (one.K) or LLC!


If you need any of the following forms and do not see it on our forms page please contact us for help.
2)    TRANSFER REQUEST FORM –  Use this form to roll funds from the current custodian into the new self-directed IRA account.  How to complete the form.

3)     One.K APPLICATION to set-up your retirement plan.

4)     EMPLOYER PARTICIPANT APPLICATION – This is for the Employer and Participant to complete.  Each participant needs to complete the Participant Application.

5)     LLC APPLICATION – Optional – complete this form for checkbook control

6)     PHOTO ID – email a copy of  the account holder’s drivers license to Support@Accuplan.net


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