assets for recession

Best Performing Assets for When a Recession Hits

A bear market and high rates of inflation have many people wondering if the country is heading toward another recession. When a recession hits, there’s a decline in economic activity that continues for several months. Sales, income, employment and production all tend to drop during a recession.  Even if the idea of a recession has […]

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Q3-2012 Precious Metals Self Directed IRA Update

The World Gold Council just released their Q3-2012 Gold update. We thought that we would review some of the highlights. Q3 Summary Gold (US$/oz) returned 11.1% in the third quarter as investors responded to further central bank measures aimed at stimulating the economy. Volatility decreased during the period, with gold prices experiencing little movement in […]

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Dr Copper Update And Your Self Directed IRA

As we have mentioned before copper prices reflects the future expectation of of consumer demand. Consumer demand comprises 2/3rd of the GDP. Copper is a major metal used in numerous consumer goods and related services. The current price pattern for copper is showing a head and shoulders pattern. Without getting too technical, this basically is […]

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