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What The Lastest CPI Numbers Mean For Self Directed IRA

The latest CPI numbers show that overall prices increased 0.05%. However, what this fails to acknowledge, and what the rest of us that live here know is that gas prices were up more like 7% in July. But, when we look at the infamous government figures the should be showing an increase of 0.24% vs. the 0.05%.

What does this tell us?

This tells us that the government is dealing with inaccurate, no-real figures when they set fiscal policy. This means that the US citizens have been and will continue to feel the pinch and pressure from failed economic policies for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean for self directed IRAs

Self directed IRAs continue to be a key retirement strategy for building your retirement. Self directed IRA investors are investing in hard assets and assets that are out of the direct control and manipulation of Wall Street and Washington. If you currently hav a self directed IRA, our current recommendations are to continue to look for and invest in rental properties. We are also advocating holding precious metals as the currency debasement and potential for more printing and dumping of the US dollar still has real potential.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only and are not a solicitation or offering of an investment, investment advice, or tax advice. You should consult with your tax, legal or financial advisor to determine the suitability of any investments made with a self directed IRA account.