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The Accuplan and AET Difference

Bill Pay

Today there are so many different self directed IRA and 401k companies out there that it can be very hard to decide which company to set up your self directed account with. We strive to make the decision easier each day.

Part of how we strive to stand out is through great customer service and very competitive fees but we also strive to make the experience for you as a customer better than any currently available.

We have recently been looking for a great way to make your experience better and are excited to announce a revolutionary new feature for our clients.

We have launched our Online Bill pay feature for account holders. This new feature will make it easier for you to pay the bills that need to be paid through your self directed account.  This feature will allow you to login and pay bills associated with your account. The great thing about Bill pay is that it will allow you to get routine bills paid within 24 hours without having to submit a DOI (Direction of Investment) form.

How do you set up bill pay?

All first time bills must be submitted to AET via the current DOI process. This has to be done to insure that the bills are appropriate and relevant to the account. Upon funding of the DOI, The DOI will be converted to a bill. When the same bill need to be paid again, the account holder is able to login to their account and select "Make A Payment", input the amount, confirm and submit their payment under the Bill Pay menu.

This is a brief explanation of our great online Bill Pay feature and we hope that it helps ease process of paying bills through your self directed account. For more info check out our Bill Pay page, in-depth self directed Bill Pay information.