Top Real Estate Markets To Watch For Your Real Estate IRA

Real Estate IRA

Have you been looking at different investments for your self-directed IRA? If so, a great option is real estate, often called a real estate IRA. While most of us know many of the great advantages of owning real estate as an investment we often don’t do enough due diligence that can really take our real estate investment to the next level. One thing that can potentially take your real estate investment to the next level is investing in a real estate market that is hot. According to research done by Trulia, the following are a few of the hot markets to watch in 2015. In no particular order.

Fresno, CA

According to The Fresno Bee Fresno’s population has climbed roughly 15.7%. Because fresno is one of the more affordable inland parts of California probably has something to do with it.

San Diego, CA

While San Diego is a very popular town, it is also on the rise. With new condos under construction for those who want to live by the action of the trendy Gaslamp Quarter. While it continues to grow, it is also the second most expensive city to buy in. It is a great sellers market.

Salt Lake City, UT

Home values have increased the past 24 months. Utah’s economy and growing population are on track to keep the housing demand healthy and sustainable. Part of this is due to the arrival of big company offices like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and Xerox in SLC.

Dallas, TX

With a 3.4% increase in in jobs since last year in the manufacturing, retail, and energy industries it is in a great spot. Over the past 10 years, Dallas-Fort Worth has grown to become the fourth largest metropolitan are in the country.

Nashville, TN

Ranking sevent in growth among young professionals with college degrees is a great sign for the future. The city has also shown a 48% population hike in the past 12 years.

While these are just a few of the hot real estate markets to watch this year it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a great place outside of these markets for your real estate IRA. Great deals are everywhere you just have to do your due diligence and work a little harder to find them.

Real estate is an diversifying investment that can really benefit your retirement account. If you need help setting up a real estate IRA we are here to help.

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