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Who Does Checkbook Control Work Best For?

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As we all know, a self-directed IRA gives you the freedom to break free from the confines of Wall Street. It allows you to invest in what you wish to make investment decisions that make sense for you, and what you want, like real estate, or a chicken farm, or in the latest technology. No matter what, it’s up to you.
Adding a tool like checkbook control to your IRA account will only give you more independence. Without authorization hassles, bureaucratic interference, or prohibitive guidelines, it’s your no-string-attached answer.
But who exactly would checkbook control work best for? We’ve got answers!

The Real Estate Mogul

If you’re in real estate in any way, you know the costs of owning property. There’s sometimes just more than what meets the eye, and property ownership is very unpredictable, which is partly why a lot of people invest in real estate I think. Where checkbook control comes into play is right alongside of that unpredictability. If something does go wrong and needs to get fixed straight away, or taxes need to be paid, it’s easy to get it taken care of with checkbook control. Just sign the check, and it’s done. No calling your IRA holder, no waiting on hold.

The Investor

Money needs to move fast in the world of investing. The fastest way to get your money where you want it, if you’re investing through your IRA, is with checkbook control. Period. Back in the day, it used to be that you had “a guy”, a guy that would take your money, and invest it for you, however they saw fit. Which lead to a lot of abuse of funds, misleading, and over-promises. With checkbook control, you’ve completely cut out the middle-man altogether, and you’re now taking charge.


Honestly, what this all comes down to is that if you’re serious about growing your IRA, and you’re serious about taking control, then your answer just might be checkbook control.

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