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Get the forms you need for your self-directed IRA and self-directed 401k

Here you will find all the IRA forms and documents that you will need to begin the process of opening a new Roth, or Traditional account, services for an existing account, like a withdrawal form, transfer request, or asset valuation reporting, all in convenient and downloadable PDF files.

If at any time you need help navigating these forms, or cannot find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us straight away.

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Existing Account Forms

New IRA Accounts

New Account Inherited IRA

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New Account Roth IRA

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New Account Traditional IRA

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Proof of Identity Form

In order to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act, and the Patriot Act, we require proof of identification before we can establish your retirement account.
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Transfer Request Form

This form is used when a client of ours wants to transfer either all, or a part of their IRA towards an investment, or to another trustee or custodian.
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Withdrawal Form

For withdrawals of funds from an IRA, this form is necessary. It’s used for transfers, revocations, early distributions both with exception, or penalty, or a direct rollover from an employer plan.
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Direction of Investment Form

When a client wants to use their IRA funds for an investment opportunity, or wish to sell an asset, they fill out this form.
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IRA Fee Disclosure

Accuplan takes pride in being as transparent as possible with all of our clients when it comes to all of the expected fees. Here is a breakdown of all of our service, annual, and setup fees.
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Contribution Form

This form is for making a contribution, make a simple fund transfer, make a contribution from an employer, or a rollover to your current IRA.
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Asset Valuation Reporting

This form is used when reporting the asset values for the assets held in your account.
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Authoriztion to Execute Documents

This allows American Estate and Trust to sign documents on your behalf. For instance, if you’re changing ownership percentages in an LLC, we are able to sign documents that are necessary.
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Additional Help or Info

Looking for more information? We got you covered! Checkout these pages for more help: self directed IRAs, Self Directed 401Ks, Checkbook IRA, Gold Backed IRA, Real Estate IRA.

If you aren't finding the correct IRA forms or information that you need please contact us at any time.

We pride ourselves in one on one lifetime service.

Let us know how can we help you today?

We pride ourselves in one on one lifetime service.

Let us know how can we help you today?

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